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Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 30th December 2021 Episode starts with Kabir saying how can Meera love me, she is Angad’s fiancee. Meera calls him. He doesn’t answer. Angad comes and asks him to come and decorate the christmas tree. Kabir asks him to marry Meera. Angad scolds him. Kabir pushes Angad.

Angad asks what happened to you. Kabir says Meera has much problems in her house, she wants someone to support and understand her, marry her. Angad says enough, her dad has much ego, her chapter is close forever. Meera calls Kabir again. She says he isn’t answering, I love him, how could I say Kabir that I love him. Divya comes and says Naveen is unwell, come fast. Meera runs and holds Naveen.

She says its withdrawal symptoms, you have to be strong. She says Divya play the music, Naveen and I will dance today. He hugs her. Pritam says I didn’t know you all celebrate Christmas. Angad says Karan used to get it every time. Dada ji says they are making Karan’s memories fresh.

Guneet says we didn’t celebrate Christmas last year, but this year, please, decorate it with your hands, for Karan’s sake. Nimmo says I will do it for my Karan. She asks Pritam to help. Pritam sees Amrita. Dada ji asks is it true, that you fell in love with someone in Ludhiana.

Guneet asks Kabir what happened. Kabir and Pritam say nothing. Dada ji says love is amazing, Pritam is in love. Amrita looks at Pritam. He says you shouldn’t talk such things in this age, I m not in love, silence doesn’t mean its love. Dada ji says tell him what happened when we were in love.

Dadi says the world looks beautiful when you are in love. Guneet asks what happened. Pritam says your parents are talking like this in front of you, you aren’t saying anything. Soni says mum and dad had an arranged marriage. Guneet says yes, but we fell in love on the first night, when I lifted her ghunghat, I told her that I have nothing to give you than sorrow, Nimmo said give me all your sorrow, then love happened.

Kabir asks Nimmo when did she fall in love with dad. Nimmo says I was going to Maayka alone, train left, he had the water bottle, he ran to catch the train and give me the water bottle, love happened. Dadi says the love which happens by seeing heart always stays. Dada ji says Pritam, its your turn now.

Pritam says I m not in love. Dadi asks don’t you have a right to live. He asks Amrita about her love marriage with Karan, sorry. Amrita says it was an arranged marriage, when he came to see me, I thought he will be a boring doctor, he came to Ludhiana to take me out, I had seen my story by his eyes, I fell in love with Karan, he told me on wedding night that he will always keep me happy, I just have to keep his family happy,

I fell in love with him again, then he told me that once Kabir and Angad become something, then we will start a family, I lost my heart to him again, I used to fall for him every day, every moment. She cries. Nimmo starts crying.

Nimmo asks why didn’t Karan come back to us. Guneet says stop it now. She says I m sad for Amrita, she is left alone. Angad says we came here to enjoy, we always get sad, if Karan was here, then would he want us to cry. She says you can forget him, but we can’t forget him. They all go. Pritam says I did wrong to ask her love story. Pritam asks Dada ji to say something,

everyone has kept Karan’s memories as pain in their heart, till when will this happen. Dada ji says until we have this pain of not getting him, I used to think what does final rites mean, now I understand why people do it, for the person’s leaving and our own freedom, once Karan’s final rites happen, then they will also get freedom, it didn’t happen, its hurting everyone. Pritam asks what do you mean.

Dada ji says we didn’t get Karan’s ashes, we went to the office many times, officers used to give false hope or scold us, but we didn’t get the ashes, if we get it, then we will get at peace, Nimmo wants to do the final rites of Karan. He cries. He says everyone has a pain inside them, I wish we got Karan’s ashes and ended this pain. Pritam goes to the govt. Office with Monty. The lady asks what work do you have with me.


Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 31st December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Monty says Umed is UD. Pritam says Umed Dhanwa, UD. Kabir says I will come to your house as Santa. Meera says I will wait for you. Amrita asks Pritam to fulfill their wish today. Pritam gives Karan’s ashes. She gets shocked.

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Telecast Date:30th December 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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