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Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 27th December 2021 Episode starts with Angad and Kabir saying we will take Amrita somewhere and cheer her up. Amrita cries and talks to Karan. Dada ji and Dadi come and ask Amrita to see Ansh, he looks lovely as Santa. They ask her not to worry for Nimmo. Angad and Kabir come.

They ask Amrita to get ready, they will go out and have icecream. Amrita says I don’t want. Kabir says you have to come. Dadi asks her to go, they will see Ansh. Angad says Pritam is also coming. Amrita says take him. Angad says come. Kabir says come for an ill man’s happiness. He does a drama. She agrees.

Meera sees Kabir and her pics. She hears his audio message and smiles. Divya comes and hugs her. She says Papa was very sad, he was crying, he is broken seeing Naveen’s state. Meera says I know. Divya says Sakhujas has no money, but happiness, we have money, but no happiness, your relation with Angad was a blessing, everything is over now. Meera says I will not let dad break down ever, he gave importance to money, but for our sake, I tried to talk to Angad, but he hates me.

She says Kabir always supported me. Divya asks did you start liking someone. Kabir says we had to get icecream home and eat it. Amrita says there was much crowd. Pritam says she is right. Angad asks them to wear christmas pics. Amrita says Pritam looks a goon, even if he wears a police uniform. She laughs.

Pritam says you are also looking a cute goon, you always fight. Kabir says Amrita wasn’t agreeing for icecream, she agreed for ill Pritam. She says no, I agreed for you. Angad says yes, we are having fun now. Kabir and Angad go to get more icecream. Pritam says Angad said Ansh had also worn Santa clothes. She says yes. She shows the pics and laughs. He says Ansh looks lovely.

She asks why were you looking at me like this. He says no, I was seeing pics. She says no, you were seeing me. He says okay, I was seeing you, you had shine in your eyes, you were sad before, you look rude, stay happy, good happens with good people, don’t take tension. She asks why do you interfere in my family matter. He says no, eyes are not loyal, stay happy, you deserve all the happiness. Angad and Kabir come.

Angad says yes, you said right, Amrita deserves every happiness so we want her to move on. They ask Amrita to remarry. She gets shocked. Umed scolds his men. He says Sandy is with our enemies, we won’t get him, Pritam is in his house, Sandy is somewhere else. DK asks what does Pritam want from us. Umed slaps DK and says I told you, he is an undercover cop, he wants to reach me, he doesn’t know that I m UD. The man says I will get him killed. Umed says no, first get the diary and then kill him, I will see him now, I have to meet Amrita to reach Pritam.

Angad says we all loved Karan, your relation was since 6 years, our relation was of childhood, we accepted that he left us. Kabir says yes, we can’t stop living. Angad asks won’t I marry or get happy on a promotion, I will smile when life gives me happiness, but I will miss Karan. Kabir asks her to think. Amrita says I don’t want anyone in my life, Karan is with me, is it necessary that a woman can’t stay happy without a man.

Pritam says no, but even stagnant water gets spoiled, its about your entire life, sorry, life is to live, you aren’t alone, your parents are there, they want you to stay happy, you are really nice, memories give one smile and many tears, this is the truth, person lives in present. She says stop it, I will live my life as I want, I m going to sleep now. She goes. Kabir says she isn’t agreeing. Pritam says its an imp decision, give her time, she will understand.


Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 28th December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pritam says no one can stop me from reaching UD. Umed meets him. DK comes to take the diary. Pritam fights him. DK injures his arm. Amrita comes and gets shocked.

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Telecast Date:27th December 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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