Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 25th December 2021 Written Episode Update


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Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 25th December 2021 Episode starts with Pritam getting worried. Dada ji comes to meet him. He asks are you fine, I thought to come and sit with you, you will be bored here, loneliness troubles a sick man, I will tell you some jokes, sit. He says I know, you can’t laugh well, just smile, I will laugh on my jokes, what happened, where are you lost, I will show my new video.

Pritam thinks don’t know what will Vishaka tell Amrita. Amrita comes home. She gives file to Kamli. She goes upstairs. Dada ji talks to Pritam. He says I will get water and come. Amrita opens the door and comes in. Pritam worries. Dada ji says Amrita, where did you go, Guneet is worried for you. She says I went for some work. Dada ji says don’t worry for Pritam, I told some jokes to him, let him rest, we will go.

She says I will get clothes and utensils, I will come. Dada ji goes. Pritam says you shouldn’t meet that woman, she is dangerous. She says I collided with her. He asks what did she say. She says that Pritam is a liar, and she isn’t mad, you have a child, I know that woman is mad, that’s why I didn’t listen to her.

FB shows Vishaka saying I will tell Pritam’s truth. Amrita says enough, don’t shout, I don’t want to hear anything, I know Pritam well, he isn’t perfect, but he is like family, you are no one, you are after Pritam and want to harm him, stay away, else I will see you next time. FB ends. Amrita asks why were you calling again and again, what happened.

He says no, I wanted to say sorry, I told bad things to you in front of Soni and Kamli. She says then I had sent soup for you, because I m a good person, from Sakhuja family. He says yes. She says I got friendly with you, I don’t feel bad of your words, but sometimes I do feel much bad. She goes.

Angad says we will get christmas tree home. Kabir says yes. Dada ji says I will become Santa Claus. Amrita says you have interest in Santa get up. Dada ji says in gifts also. Guneet comes and shows Santa clothes for Ansh. They all get happy. Amrita likes it and asks from where did you buy it. Guneet says I saw this at shop and bought it, Ansh will look too cute. Amrita says yes. Dadi says make Ansh wear it. Amrita says yes. Nimmo comes. Amrita shows the Santa clothes.

Kabir says you will see Ansh. Amrita says I didn’t wish to hurt your heart, I wanted to tell what I want, nothing will change. Nimmo says its not the same now, you said your relation is with Karan, Karan isn’t there now. Amrita says no, Karan is there. Kabir and Angad look on. Amrita says forget everything, I ended it, why are you angry now. Soni gets Ansh. Amrita asks Nimmo to make Ansh wear the clothes. Nimmo doesn’t take Ansh. She recalls Amrita’s words. She says you make him wear, I have no right on Ansh now.

Angad asks what are you saying. Kabir asks what’s the matter, you aren’t talking to Amrita. Dada ji and Dadi say Nimmo isn’t doing right. Angad asks them to say, what’s happening. Guneet says Nimmo has gone mad, she wants to rule on Amrita. He tells everything. Angad, Kabir and Soni get shocked. Nimmo goes and locks the door. Amrita cries and goes. Pritam sees Kabir and Angad talking on the terrace.

Kabir says we didn’t know that Yuvraj came to see Amrita. Pritam says so they got to know. Kabir says I m feeling angry. Angad says we failed Amrita, we didn’t think of Amrita, Kuljeet and Saroj are thinking of her future, we don’t worry for her, we didn’t see her loneliness. Kabir says yes, she got lonely, Kuljeet didn’t do anything wrong, Amrita should remarry. Angad says but she believes Karan’s memories are her life.

Pritam comes and asks what’s the matter, sorry, I just heard it. Kabir says its okay, you aren’t a stranger, sit. Kabir says you tell me, should Amrita remarry or not. Pritam asks what shall I say. Angad says you told me once, life gets second chance few times. Kabir says Amrita has lost her mind.

Pritam says no, she is really nice, she doesn’t think about herself and wants to keep every relation of Karan, you have to free her from these relations, sorry, she is not doing justice with her life for Karan’s love, I had seen her in Ludhiana, she was so angry, Kuljeet wants her happiness but your mum… Angad asks who told you. Kabir asks did Amrita say. Pritam says no, she doesn’t know, I felt so. He tells them about Nimmo’s call to him.


Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 15th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ansh and Pritam have a moment. Dada ji asks Pritam did he fall in love with someone. Umed says I have to meet Amrita now. Pritam says I will not leave UD. Pritam gets shocked seeing Umed at the door. Nimmo asks why didn’t Karan come for us, he should have come for you at least. Pritam becomes Santa. He gets Karan’s ashes.

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Telecast Date:25th December 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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