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Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 24th December 2021  Episode starts with Dadi thinking about Soni. Dada and Amrita come. They joke seeing her. He shouts to ask. Amrita asks are you worried because of me. Dadi says no, you are sensible. He asks did you get sad for Vishaka’s story.

Dada says Vishaka’s story is sad, her husband left her, she is raising child alone. Amrita says there are many such women, don’t worry for her. Dadi says I m not worried for her, she is a stranger, I m worried for family. Amrita says you are saying about me. He says she is worried for Nimmo. Guneet comes and says I will leave the house, Nimmo is still upset, I m sorry. Amrita says give her some time. Dadi says yes, don’t react. Dadi says she isn’t bad hearted, she will be fine.

Meera thinks of Kabir. Kabir says when hoarding gets fixed, I will become star. He says Meera’s pic is also there, I will delete it. He zooms and sees her expressions. He says she looks innocent. Angad comes. He asks what are you seeing so carefully. Kabir says nothing, ad stills. Angad says show it to me. Kabir says I will show the ad, how was your office today. Angad asks were you with Meera today. Kabir says I was there, I had seen you there and Meera also, are you secretly meeting her.

Angad says no. Kabir says Vishaka took me there, but I left, are you dating Meera. Angad says don’t say nonsense, she was with someone, she would have gone on a date. Kabir says no, forget it, why do you hate her, she isn’t so bad, we all liked her. Angad says now we hate her. Meera thinks Angad hates me and Kabir cares for me. Naveen comes and asks where are you lost. She says nothing, I m so happy that you are recovering, I m good. He says yes, I m hurt, thanks to you and dad for support, we will go and meet Kabir and Pritam, I got saved. She says you don’t need to go, I will thank them from your side, go and take rest. He goes. She says thanks Kabir.

Kabir asks how did love change into hatred. Angad says hate happens like love. Kabir says hate ends but love always stays. Amrita is worried and recalls everything. She says I know Ansh also wants a dad’s love, I will give him this love, I love Karan, I m Ansh’s mum. Pritam looks at her. He says she looks worried. He asks are you fine, you are sitting here alone, so….. I had to talk to you. She says I don’t want to talk. He says sorry. She says you always shout and then say sorry. He says I m taking medicines, so… I m sorry. She says I don’t want to talk to you. She goes. He says she is very angry, I m gone now, idiot. He slaps himself.

Umed asks hitman about Pritam. He scolds him and says Pritam has the diary, is anyone missing from our men. DK says no, Miko is missing. Umed says Miko doesn’t know about us but he will know our men, ask Sandy to go and pick up the cash. DK says his mum is unwell since a week. Umed says even Miko is missing since a week. Amrita is at the hospital. She asks about her application. The man says we have no vacancy. She says I can get job in Karan’s place. He says give me some time to check this matter. She says I need this job. He says everyone needs a job here, I have to understand your case and see your husband’s record, you go now, I have other work. She leaves.

Someone stops her and asks are you Amrita, I can help you with the job. She asks really, it will be a favor. The man says I want 5 lakhs. She asks are you asking for bribe, my husband died while saving lives of people, how can you ask me for money, from which dept are you. He says its service charge, I have a fruit shop outside, fine, you won’t get this work done. He goes. Her phone falls there. Vishaka comes. They collide.

Vishaka says I was finding you, I got you here, how are you. She looks at Amrita and says you delivered Pritam’s illegitimate child, was it a girl or a boy. Amrita gets angry. Vishaka says its illegitimate child, I heard you are a widow. Amrita scolds her. Vishaka says you aren’t ashamed to have a child with someone. Amrita says I pity you, you get treated at some hospital. Vishaka says you think I m mad. Amrita says stay in your limits, don’t do anything that you regret. Vishaka says talk to me.

Amrita says no misbehavior, else I will beat you and get yourself admitted here, don’t come in my way. She gets Pritam’s call. She asks what happened. He says I wanted to talk to you. Vishaka takes the call and says hi Pritam, how are you. He asks whose voice is this. She says I m with your darling. Amrita says that mad woman of care home, don’t worry, I will handle her. He says stay away from her. She says I know, she is mad and ill mannered, I will handle her. He worries. Amrita says don’t come in my way again. He calls again. She says I know your pain, for your child, you don’t sense other’s feelings, I m also a mum so I forgive you. Vishaka asks what did Pritam tell you about my child, he gave me this pain, I will tell you the truth. Amrita looks at her.


Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 25th December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Amrita comes to Pritam. He asks what did she say. She says that she isn’t mad, you have a child. She asks Nimmo to take Ansh. Nimmo cries and gets angry.

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Telecast Date:24th December 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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