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Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 23rd December 2021 Episode starts with Meera saying we are just friends. Vishaka says no, you guys would be confused, Kabir left the model and ran to hug you, this is not just friendship. Kabir says its nonsense. She asks Meera is this one sided, you don’t like Kabir.

Meera says I m leaving, I will meet you in office, good luck. She leaves. He calls her out. He asks what did you tell her, there is no such thing, I swear on Amrita, I don’t false swear. Vishaka says sorry, I felt so. He goes after Meera. She says love will happen. She smiles.

Amrita recalls everything and cries. Soni comes and asks what’s the matter. Amrita says nothing, tell me, did Nimmo eat anything. Soni says no, why didn’t she meet Kuljeet. Amrita says she had a headache, tell me, where were you. Soni asks can I take Ansh upstairs. Amrita asks why. Soni says Pritam wanted to meet him. Amrita says he came here without telling me, ask him to come down and meet Ansh. Soni says he wanted to come, he isn’t able to walk, he fell down, he met with an accident on the highway, a truck hit him. Amrita asks what, when did this happen.

Soni says he is injured. Amrita says I spoke to him yesterday. Soni says really, didn’t he tell you anything. Amrita says no. She goes. Pritam says I will go and meet her. He sees the bandage and says she will scold me a lot. He applies some ointment. Amrita comes and looks at him. He hides his face. She asks what happened, how did this happen, why are you hiding your face, remove your hand, you are much hurt, you didn’t tell me, you didn’t meet me before leaving, what did doctor say, did bones break.

Pritam says I had urgent work so I came back. She asks are you a police officer or a criminal, you think we all are useless, how did the accident happen. He says you think I m a criminal, I m fine now. She says its good I had driven the car when we went there, were you drunk, look at yourself, Dada ji ask us to serve you, how can you be so careless, where was your attention. Pritam looks at her. Ishq kamaal….plays…

She shouts oh hello, I m talking to you, why are you looking at me, your sight wasn’t right. He asks what. She says yes, I came to share your sorrow and you are staring. He asks why are you shouting, I met with an accident, who are you to shout on me, I didn’t ask anyone’s help, take the fruits, ask Dada ji and Biji to stay away. Soni and Kamli come.

Soni asks what happened. He says take Amrita, look at her tone, does anyone get accident done intentionally, she is scolding me. Kamli says she came to see you, you are injured. He says yes, you all go. Amrita says its useless to talk to him, he doesn’t deserve our care. They leave.

Kabir and Meera are at the cafe. She says how dare Vishaka say this, I will talk to Sethi. Kabir says forget it, come. He asks what will you have, tell me, I also have money today. Waiter comes. Kabir asks what’s special today.

Waiter says its owner’s anniversary, 50% off for couples. Kabir says get it for us in offer, we are also couple. Meera says we will pay full, we aren’t a couple. Kabir says she is upset with me. She says we aren’t a couple. He says I know, how does it matter. Meera says it matters to me. Kabir says sorry Meera, I was saving 50%, don’t worry, I will pay full amount. She asks why did you come running to me. He says I was happy seeing you.

He sees Angad there and worries. Angad says I will join when Mehta comes. Kabir hides. He asks Meera to hide. She refuses. Angad sees Meera. He thinks she came on date, good, she has moved on. She thinks did he come with someone, he came on a date, good, he has moved on. Angad sees the balloons on every chair. He says I came at a wrong place. He leaves. She thinks he doesn’t want to be here. Kabir asks did he go. She says yes, come out. Angad sees Kabir. Kabir hides again. Angad gets a call and leaves.

Amrita makes soup for Pritam. She says its for Pritam. Kamli asks why, he is rude. She says I was so angry, he is ill, we do good with bad people also, we can’t neglect him. Soni says yes, right. Kamli says you always teach us good. Amrita asks Kamli to take the soup. Soni says I will go. Amrita says fine, take it. Dadi stops Soni.

Soni says Amrita made soup for Pritam. Dadi asks Kamli to take it, Soni doesn’t need to go. Amrita asks why. Dadi sends Kamli. Pritam says no one will come, Amrita is much upset, why did I get angry on her, she was saying that in care. Kamli brings soup for him. He says wait, Amrita ji… She says Amrita made the soup for you, have it. She goes.


Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 24th December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Vishaka and Amrita argue. Amrita warns Vishaka. Amrita asks Nimmo to make Ansh wear the santa claus dress. Nimmo gets angry.

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Telecast Date:23rd December 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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