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Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 18th September 2021 Episode starts with Pritam stopping Nitin. He says no. Nitin says why, we will check. Pritam says Rathi gave this bag, it won’t have anything right, I will check it later. They leave. Guneet talks to Kuljeet and invites him. Amrita and Nimmo smile. Dada ji says ask them to come tomorrow from Ludhiana, its Amrita’s godh bharai. Guneet says come soon, we will share drinks. He ends call and says he said he will come on the function day.

Nimmo says KK isn’t our relative. Amrita holds her hand. Nimmo says I have decided to tolerate it for your sake. Angad says just tell me the rent of the decorations, I will see everything else. Angad says labour charges will be high, we will handle it. Biji asks how. Soni says we will handle it, we can spend that money in some other thing. Guneet saysKabir goes to office. Angad says I will manage work from home.

Soni says we will decorate everything ourselves. Angad says don’t worry, everything will be perfect. Amrita says yes, we did it for Dolly’s marriage also, we can do it well, no one will shed tears in this function, a new life will be starting with this function. Pritam comes home. Dada ji calls him out. Pritam runs upstairs with the bag. He says this old man always troubles. Dada ji says I think he didn’t listen, I will talk to him. Amrita says he doesn’t like it. Dada ji says he is hesitant. Pritam thinks where to hide the bag. Dada ji knocks the door. Pritam gets angry and says shall I shoot him today.

Dada ji says its me, Sukhbir Dada ji. Pritam hides the bag. Dada ji says I was calling you. Pritam says I didn’t hear. Dada ji says ear wax results in hearing loss, I will give ear drops, put it and sleep at night, Amrita’s godh bharai is happening, stay free on that day. Pritam says wait, whatever this function, I can’t come, I request you, keep me away from these matters, I have to stay alone, separated, I don’t want ear drops also. Amrita looks on. Pritam says I request you all, you don’t take a wrong meaning of this, I don’t like all this. He goes.

Dada ji comes downstairs. Guneet asks where did you go. Soni says he went to invite Pritam. Nimmo says he would have refused. Amrita asks what was the need. Dada ji says its our duty, maybe his mood was bad. Angad says some people like to stay alone, don’t get sad, come in and tell me where to fix lights, come. They go.

Soni says Pritam is so bad, he doesn’t want to come when he stays here. Amrita says leave it, who is he. Kabir says your dad agreed to come and made everyone happy. Meera asks him to do his work. He asks her to plan dance for the function. She says you have to present a due ad today. Kabir says yes, its an easy thing. He sees Shetty. Shetty says wow, how nice. Meera laughs. Shetty asks him to present the ad. Kabir says sorry, its Amrita’s godh bharai. Shetty says then go home. Kabir says thanks.

Meera says its on Thursday, Kabir just told me, right Kabir. Shetty asks Kabir to come to his cabin with ad idea in 2 mins, else he will get the termination letter. Meera says my idea is right, I m going to present, but you just have 2 mins, all the best. She slips. The papers fall down. Kabir holds her hand and saves her and pulls her in arms. Shetty comes and asks what happened. He sees them. He asks what’s going on. Meera says I didn’t fall, he did this. Kabir says I was giving the ad idea. He tells the line.

Shetty says wow, what a line, its magic, just imagine, the girl falls in the guy’s arms because of the deo smell, superb. Shetty says Meera, go in his arms again. Kabir says come. She says no. Shetty says follow my orders. Meera falls in Kabir’s arms. Shetty says freeze, Meera keep smiling. He clicks their pic. Shetty says wow, I got the campaign, come to my cabin, we will work on the story. Meera says leave me, you cheap. Kabir drops her down. She says I will not leave you now.

Pritam says what can be there in this bag, it won’t be money, he won’t take a big risk, he won’t give me anything that benefits me. He gets a voltmeter and checks the voltage by touching the tips to the zip. He gets away. He says Rathi, I love you. He calls Nitin. He says meet me in the back lane, we have to dump this bag, Rathi played a game, come fast, there is no time. He locks the door and leaves.

He sees the neighbors and thinks they will doubt if I go from here. He goes downstairs and leaves from the gate. A car comes. Pritam quickly lifts the bag. He argues with Kuljeet. The man says you are asking us to leave, its our house. Pritam asks are you drunk, just go ahead. The lady gets down the car and asks Pritam to leave. Pritam asks him not to anger him, just go. Kuljeet asks what will you do.

Kuljeet says leave from here in 2 seconds, don’t get seen in front of the gate, you look a goon by face. Saroj says yes. Pritam scolds them. Driver keeps their bags down. Kuljeet has a similar bag. Pritam says I will throw you out of this locality. Amrita and everyone come out. Amrita says Papa, mummy…. Pritam looks on shocked. She gets angry.


Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 15th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pritam gets a call. Kamli takes his bag. Pritam looks for the bag. He gives the wrong bag to Nitin. He says it wasn’t safe to keep bag there, its Amrita’s godh bharai. Amrita takes the explosives bag.

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Telecast Date:18th September 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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