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Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 14th September 2021 Episode starts with a family discussing about Amrita’s godh bharai. Guneet says budget is less. Nimmo says its first baby of the family, everything should be great. Guneet says things are costly now. Amrita says we will keep function at home. Soni says we have less money, but we have desires. Biji asks Amrita not to worry. Guneet says we won’t invite many people. Biji says we have to invite relatives and neighbors. Nimmo says even Angad got a job now. Amrita says but he won’t get salary soon. Nimmo asks her not to say anything.

Dada ji asks Guneet to write the guest list. Guneet holds his head. He says we will need to spend more. Amrita says listen to me once, its not imp to have a big party to celebrate, we will celebrate it at home, my parents are coming. Nimmo says no, don’t stop me this time, even Angad isn’t marrying, let us celebrate, we will forget what we lost, I will do everything. Pritam says I m sitting to have food, I cook well, you can come, but don’t come else Dada ji will come along, entire family is dramatic. He ends call. He says I will eat now. The light goes. He sees the lights outside. He says they gave me a third class bulb, they just want advance rent. He tries to eat in mobile light. He goes out. He says shops would be closed, what to do. He goes downstairs. Amrita sees him and hides. She says what is he doing. He removes a bulb and takes it upstairs. She says he has stolen a bulb. She opens the window. He stops.

He says I sat to have food. She says so. He says bulb fused, shops would be closed, so I took this. She shuts the window. She goes. He says strange, she didn’t say anything, madam spy. Its morning, Amrita wakes up hearing Guneet shouting. Angad asks Guneet to not drag the matter. Nimmo says someone has stolen a bulb from our house. Guneet and Nimmo argue with the neighbors. Amrita worries. Rastogi asks who will come to steal the bulb. Nimmo says someone from locality would have stolen it. Rastogi asks do you think we are thieves. Amrita says wait. Nimmo says go in, tell me who has stolen the bulb. Amrita says let it be. Guneet says I won’t get quiet, where did our bulb go. Amrita says I know who took the bulb. Nimmo and Angad ask who took it. Amrita says our tenant took it. Guneet asks Pritam. Pritam comes out and sees everyone at the gate.

Rastogi says you kept thief at home and defaming neighbors. Guneet says Pritam, we thought you are decent, you started stealing. Pritam asks what. Nimmo says you have stolen a bulb, Amrita has seen you, don’t lie. Rastogi asks Guneet to scold Pritam. Guneet and Nimmo scold Pritam. Pritam says I was having good, lights went off, shops were closed, so I took the bulb. Guneet shouts and coughs. Angad says calm down. Nimmo says you have stolen the bulb, you will take any stuff. Pritam says so much drama for a bulb, I thought you all are sleeping, I wanted to ask you, I will go and get a new bulb. Angad says fine. He asks everyone to go home. Rastogi asks how did Nimmo call us thieves. Amrita says I m sorry, just go. She shuts the gate. She sees Pritam. Pritam says you decided to do this drama in the morning. He goes. She feels bad. Angad asks Guneet not to get angry. Kabir jokes. Amrita says Pritam took the bulb, shops were closed. Angad says you scolded him in front of the neighbors. Guneet says I got angry, Nimmo was also scolding. Kabir says stay away from her.

Nimmo asks Guneet what’s the problem. Amrita asks the matter. He says I m worried for your godh bharai, Nimmo wants to invite everyone. Nimmo says I have thought of something, wait. She gets her jewellery. She asks him to sell the bangles. She says Amrita’s godh bharai should happen well, get money by selling these. Amrita says no, you didn’t let me sell my bangles, you want to sell bangles now, its cheating. Kabir jokes. Angad says but we need money for godh bharai.

Kabir says don’t worry, I will get it from office. Nimmo says you joined a week back, who will give you money. He says when I get money, you will know my value. He goes. She asks Guneet to sell the bangles. She asks Amrita not to stop her. Pritam comes. Guneet says he has come to fight. Angad goes out. Pritam gives the bulb. He says give it to your dad, show it to your mum, tell them that I m not a thief. Amrita looks on. Angad says sorry, dad’s mood was bad. Pritam goes murmuring. He sees Amrita staring. He says she always suspects me.


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Telecast Date:14th September 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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