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Yeshu 5th January 2021 Episode starts with Yeshu thinking of Aashiya asking him how to use the tools, Yakub asking what will happen if he holds the real tools. He comes to Mary and asks what to do if someone is doing wrong. Mary asks him to try and make everything fine. Senapati asks Herod to think again if he really wants to do this with chote samrat. Herod says I don’t need to think again and asks him to call his son. Herod’s son comes there and asks why am I called here? Herod says to make you understand that to be a king, is not a joke, but a big responsibility. He says you didn’t oblige to my orders, but killed the businessmen, so today you have to repent here. He asks him to look at the businessmen wives and children and says you have ruined their lives, asks him to apologize to them. Herod’s son refuses to apologize to him. Herod says if you don’t apologize then I will snatch the position of my son from you. Yeshu thinks to talk to Yakub and Aashiya about their mistake and think to correct them. He thinks it is not easy for them to accept their mistake infront of everyone. Jeevan comes there. Yeshu’s lamb gets restless and makes sound. Yeshu asks it to calm down and takes it in his lap to pacify it. Jeevan looks at the lamb and yeshu. He comes inside Yeshu’s house. Joseph comes infront of Jeevan and says you have come so soon, asks him to tell Mukhiya ji that his chair is ready. Jeevan says I will tell Pita ji. He turns and says until when you will be saved Yeshu.

Herod asks his son about his decision and says my decision is that you have to bend down your head infront of them, else you will lose your crown for forever. Herod’s son tells that he is ready to apologize to them. Herod claps and calls the soldiers. Soldier brings coal box. Herod asks his son to walk on the burning coal to reach the businessmen widows and their children and apologize to them, so that their pain gets somewhat less. Herod’s son walks on the coal and falls down. He bends down on his knees and apologizes to the widows for his sin. Samrat says you didn’t on the singhasan yet and asks him to understand that his father is sitting on this throne and you have to oblige to me. He calls him chote samrat repeatedly. His son fumes with anger.

Aashiya gets shocked to see Mukhiya’s stone on Yeshu’s chair which yakub made. She tells that Mukhiya Chacha had brought this stone for his chair and tells that they shall take it out and keep back in the workshop. Yeshu comes there. Aashiya asks him to divert Yeshu. Yeshu tells him about the lamp whom he pacified. Aashiya comes there and asks Yakub, what they shall do if they have done a mistake. Yeshu says prayer infront of God and tells that if your prayers are true then God will show the way for repentance. Aashiya and Yakub pray to God and think to take out the stone and keep in the workshop back. They remove the cloth from the chair and find the stone missing from the chair. Younger brother comes there and tells that Mukhiya ji came to get the chair along with his son Jeevan. Aashiya and Yakub think to divert him and come out. Joseph shows the chair to Mukhiya ji. Mukhiya ji likes the chair and looks at the stone which they stick to it. Aashiya says Yeshu has saved them. Yeshu recalls keeping back the stone in the workshop. He finds Jeevan’s black eyes and looks on.

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Telecast Date:5th January 2021
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