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Yeshu 4th January 2021 Episode starts with Aashiya and Yakub come to the workshop in the night to take the tools. They get the tools. Yakub gets scared with the thought of the devil roaming in the night. The Shaitaan is roaming in the night and thinks he will meet Yeshu and thinks thunder storm is necessary to mark this moment. Mary gets worried hearing the thunder storm and prays to God, asking why is she feeling that something bad will happen. Messenger thinks now Shaitaan came to know where is Yeshu and asks God to protect his son. Shaitaan walks towards the village. Yeshu calls Maa. Mary comes running to him. Yeshu says he needs a blanket. Mary covers him with a blanket and thinks even though I know that he is the God’s child, but his small hurt troubles me. Shaitaan thinks he is just few steps away from yeshu, but falls down just as he enters the suraksha chakra. He sees Messenger there and tells him that I should have understood that you are on my way. Messenger says I just want you to be away from yeshu so that he can fulfilled his journey and work. Shaitaan says just as Yeshu do any miracle, this suraksha chakra will vanish. He asks him to do as he wants. Messenger says if you collide with me then it is like messing up with God, asks him to return. Shaitaan takes out his wrath and shouts, before vanishing. Messenger prays to God. Mary thinks when will the storm end and asks Yeshu if he wants another blanket. Yeshu asks if she is worried about him. Mary says though she is worried, but she don’t want him to get troubled. She asks him to sleep.

Aashiya and Yakub come to Yeshu. Mary asks her to sleep and tells Yakub that his parents might be worried. Aashiya says yakub will stay here tonight. Yakub says they want to talk to Yeshu. Mary says ok and kisses Yeshu, before going out. Aashiya asks Yeshu what did he learn in the workshop? Yeshu says Tao ji and pita ji taught me how to work holding the tools. Aashiya asks him to tell how to use the hammer. Yeshu teaches them. Aashiya asks Yeshu without revealing him about their plans. Yakub says I am very much tired and thinks what will happen with real stuff. Aashiya says who will give you real stuff. Aashiya says who will give you real stuff? Shaitaan waits for troubles to crop in yeshu’s life.

Herod is informed by the senapati that the gifts are for Chote Samrat. Senapati asks him to confirmed with mantra. Herod confirms with Mantris. Senapati says since Chote Samrat had killed the businessmen brutally, other businessmen are afraid of him and sends many gifts for him. Herod says he is trying to overpower me and says even he has to bend down infront of me.

Elder brother tells his father that he couldn’t get the three tools. Yakub asks Aashiya what will happen now and says if you go inside to keep it and get caught then. Aashiya gets an idea. Elder brother is scolded by his father. He asks Yeshu if he has hidden the tools and asks him to tell. His father scolds him, while Aashiya and Yakub keep the tools back in the box. Yeshu sees them going. Elder brother’s father finds the tools and scolds him.

Jeevan tells that he don’t want to return and badmouths about yeshu. Mukhiya ji scolds him for talking bad about yeshu throughout the journey and asks him to find out about his chair after reaching misr. Jeevan says but pita ji. Shaitaan hypnotizes Jeevan and takes him in his stride. He asks Jeevan to say theek hai pita ji, I will go to yeshu’s home. They go inside the suraksha chakra. Shaitaan thinks yeshu won’t be saved now.

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Telecast Date:4th January 2021
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