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Yeshu 25th March 2021 Episode starts with Toyseller coming to Rabbi Guru ji and asks until when you will fool people with fake talks and asks him to take the black flags which he had kept on his and Yeshu’s house. Rabbi Guru ji says he is happy that they are freed from the leprosy and keeps hand on toyseller’s shoulder. Toyseller says you are keeping hand on my shoulder as I got rid of disease and says he didn’t forget how he and his men behave with him. He says if he can then he can teach them a lesson, but he will not do this, as someone told that he is a nice man. Joseph comes there and invites Toyseller and Rabbi Guru ji to his house for lunch. They agree to come. Toyseller comes to have lunch and shows the toy, in which he had captured the moment when Yeshu kept hand on his forehead outside the cave. Yeshu asks why did you make it? Toyseller says he made it for himself and asks him to give it to him with his hand. Mary signs Yeshu. Yeshu gives it to the toyseller.

Devdoodh worries thinking what will happen if the news of Yeshu treating the lepers spread fast and thinks how would be the Simiyan meet with yeshu. Simiyan comes to joseph’s house and sees Yeshu. He says now he can die peacefully as he met the child about whom he predicted. Rabbi Guru ji asks what are you saying? Simiyan sees Yeshu in every child. Mary understands. Rabbi Guru ji says this guy is losing mental balance. Simiyan laughs and says he is feeling blessed to have witnessed divine child and thanks God. He sees yeshu’s divine avatar and gets happy. Rabbi Guru ji says he has gone mad. Simiyan leaves.

Yeshu and other children come of house. Yeshu tells that they will get to see many things in mela/fair. James says our elders gave responsibility to Yeshu to buy things for everyone. Yeshu says I am thinking what to buy first in mela. An old guy Magan comes to the mela. Some shop keepers laugh at him, telling that he didn’t set up his shop until now. Yeshu comes there and smiles.

Mary thinks of Simiyan’s words. She shares her concern with Joseph and says someone came here searching Yeshu for the first time. Devdoodh comes there and says I know what is bothering you. He says the guy who has come yesterday was Prophet Simiyan and says yeshu has started walking on the way to become the Massaiah. He says many people will come to know about his divinity. Yeshu tries to buy jaggery at old man Magan’s shop. Magan asks them to go and says he don’t want to sell it. Yeshu asks him why is he stressed and says he will try to relieve his troubles. Magan sees his divinity.

Devdoodh asks Joseph and Mary to remember that yeshu is God’s son and the God is contacting him directly and signed him to save the lepers. He asks them to leave everything on God. Magan says yes, you said right, I took out my anger on you in stress. Yeshu asks James to do shopping for us. James says ok, I will do. Yeshu sends them to help James and tells Magan that he will help him to set his shop. Magan tells that he wanted to sell the jaggery at a high price, as if the first business is good then everything will be good. He tells his story to yeshu and tells that he had taught his son everything and his son deserted him. He says he wants to get respect and love from his son. He sells the jaggery to Yeshu for 2 coins. Yeshu tells him that he will pray to God, that whenever he meets his son, that moment becomes special for him. He gives him 2 coins. Just then there is a storm in the sky.

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Telecast Date:25th March 2021
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