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Yeshu 24th March 2021 Episode starts with Rabbi Guru ji asking the villagers to take Joseph’s family to the cave before the door gets closed. Maria says my husband and kids are fine. Manu says everyone are getting punished due to me. Mary looks at the guy having the pink ink on his thumb and takes Manu near Rabbi Guru ji. She takes off Manu’s shirt and wipes the ink from his body, proving that he is not having leprosy. She says it was color and not leprosy wound. Everyone takes a sigh of relief. Rabbi Guru ji says God saved him. Mary says whoever has done this, will get punished as children are God’s gift. The villager comes there and tells that the cave door is about to get closed and the bell is ringing. Manu says he wants to meet his Baba.

Mary asks Joseph to come. They leave. The soldiers start ringing the bell. Neema says very soon, the bell count will be completed and they will close the door. Yeshu sits down and prays to God, not to get the people end this way. He asks God to bless them and make them fine. Mary, joseph, Maria, her husband and all kids are coming there. Neema also prays for the lepers and asks God to shower his blessings on them and make them fine. Soon the soldiers complete the countdown and ends ringing the bell. Soldiers come to Yeshu and tell that now they have to close the door. They walk towards the big stone to push it to the cave. Yeshu cries and his tears fall down on the ground. Soon it starts raining….

Devdoodh prays to God to hear yeshu’s prayers and protect his believe. Yeshu prays to God to make them fine with his blessings. A heavy rain starts. Soldier says we have to close this door. Toyseller comes out of cave to Yeshu and asks him to go. He says he don’t want him to see the door closing. Neema asks yeshu to come. Mary comes there and keeps hand on yeshu’s shoulder. She sees toyseller. Manu comes there. Toyseller cries seeing his son, but stops himself from hugging him. Manu cries. Toyseller sits down and tells Yeshu that he is thankful to him for doing so much for Manu and him. Yeshu keeps his hand on toyseller’s head. Toyseller asks Mary and Joseph to take Yeshu and gives God’s promise. Mary asks Yeshu to come with them.

Toyseller tells God aloud that whatever he wrote for him is acceptable to him. He hits his hand on the ground and finds his wounds healing with the rain water falling on him. He shouts and tells Yeshu that his leprosy wound is healed. Yeshu runs to him and says your own wounds got healed too. He calls his friend out and says you will be fine too. His friend and other lepers come out and their wounds get healed with the rain water. They all sit down and call Yeshu’s name. Yeshu opens his arms wide and takes rain on his face. Mary smiles and recalls her dream. Devdoodh says I am seeing a wonderful rain, it is not ordinary rain, it has strength of Yeshu’s tears and God’s blessings. He says this world is lucky to have messiah like you.

All the lepers get happy. The boy hugs yeshu and says I recalled my name, my name is David. He says you got me freed from my disease and now I remember my real name. Yeshu asks where will you stay? David says he will stay with everyone, with whom he was staying until now. They all fold their hands thanking him. Yeshu and Mary leaves with their family. Toyseller and Manu are leaving, when they see an old guy coming there and asked Toyseller about the boy. He says soldiers told me about him. He says he had met him 8 years back and want to meet him again before his death. Toyseller says that boy left just now. The old man sees Yeshu’s footsteps and touches it. Toyseller invites him to his village.

Rabbi Guru ji gets upset that Yeshu has ruined his plans. The villagers talk that yeshu has treated the lepers. Rabbi Guru ji says it was God’s divine rain which made them fine and threatens them. They leave. Toyseller comes to Rabbi Guru ji to returns his black flag and asks until when you will fool the villagers with your fake words.

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