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Yeshu 19th February 2021 Episode starts with Mary telling Joseph that she don’t know what to do? Joseph asks her to sit with Yeshu. James’s father comes there holding sticks and starts beating himself. He apologizes to Mary and Joseph for doubting Yeshu and hurting them. Joseph says I have forgiven you. He hugs him. Mary hugs Maria. Aashiya comes and tells that yeshu bhaiyya’s condition is deteriorating. They all run to Yeshu. Joseph takes all the kids out, while Mary sits with Yeshu and prays to God to relieve his pain. Shaitaan stand behind Mary and asks Yeshu not to tell anyone, else people will think him mad. He says no need to tell anyone, as this is the secret between us. He says let everyone sleep peacefully, then nobody will be between us. He says it is enjoyable to meet when everyone is sleeping. Devdoodh watches this from far and asks why you have stopped me God, when Shaitaan is crossing his limits. He says I can’t help Yeshu. Mary prays for him. Yeshu says God is making me ready for the future. Shaitaan tells that we have to talk and when the opposite powers are together, the game will be fun.

Mary thinks of Yeshu’s words and tells that you are not alone, I am with you in all your struggle. Joseph comes there. Mary says I need to talk to you. They go to other room. Mary says Yeshu’s fever lowered down, but he is still scared. Joseph says even I was thinking about the man, whom he had seen and tells that if yeshu has seen someone then he might have seen. Mary says he is trying to tell me, but couldn’t say. joseph asks shall I talk to him? Mary says no and tells that they shall give him sometime, so that he can get ready to talk to us. Joseph asks her to go and sleep for sometime. He says he will sit with him. Mary says she thought to go for a walk now. Yeshu comes there and asks can I come with you maa? He says now he is fine and can go with Maa. Mary asks him to rest today and says she will take him tomorrow. Joseph asks her to take him and talk. Mary agrees. She takes Yeshu for a walk and thinks to give strength to him, so that he can talk to her freely. Shaitaan hears them standing on the mountain and says I won’t let my effect go away from you. He throws a black smoke ball on the kadai outside the house and scares Yeshu. Mary asks what happened? Yeshu is about to tell her, but thinks of Shaitaan’s threat. He keeps his hand on his ears and tells Mary that he wants to go home. Mary thinks what is in his heart, which he is not telling me. Shaitaan says I can feel your pain Mother Mary and laughs. Devdoodh comes there and asks what do you think that yeshu will break down, no..and says he will be more stronger now. Shaitaan says I will influenced everyone closer to him, with my evil powers and will make Yeshu lonely. Devdoodh tells that a mother can fight with even God for her son.

Mary tells yeshu that she had seen someone before his birth. She says she was sitting alone and was praying, when a light came in her house and Devdoodh came to her. She says God has sent him to me. Devdoodh asks Shaitaan to see a mother power which will surprise him.


Yeshu 20th February 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Shaitaan influences Aashiya and makes her drink evil water. Aashiya gets teary eyes as the evil water goes inside her and shouts…yeshu and others look on shocked.

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Telecast Date:19th February 2021
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