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Yeshu 12th January 2021 Episode starts with Aashiya asking elder brother to wash clothes with her, else tell Pita ji that he don’t want to do the work. Yeshu comes there and sees a boy looking at them. Yakub says Mary Chachi had told that the people here are very nice and asks Yeshu if he remembers. Elder brother says when I couldn’t remember then how Yeshu will remember? Yakub says yeshu will remember everything. Yeshu says he remembers so much, like a story is playing infront of his eyes. Mary says house is cleaned, and asks them to come inside. The kids run inside the house. Yeshu sits and takes out something from the ground. He says Maa used to make me take bath here and used to give me this toy, when I used to cry. The boy is looking at him and holding the similar toy. Everyone go inside the house. Elder brother says our Misr house was more beautiful, if you had not Jeevan…Joseph’s brother asks what are you saying? Maria tells that she thought that everyone here is like before, but it is not the same. She says people used to respect me so much. Maria says everything will be fine. Maria tells about the New Mukhiya, Rabbi Guru ji who is so rich and have direct connection with God. She says people worships him like worshipping the God. Rabbi Guru ji is shown. His wife gives him something and says people are waiting to meet you. Rabbi Guru ji laughs and says people have to wait to get my glimpse. He gets out of the house. People fall on his feet. He says he will solve everyone’s problems.

Maria tells that they shall go to his sabha and tells that she will befriend rabbi Guru ji’s wife Leena and asks Mary to handle Yeshu. The boy asks his father if he remembers selling the toy to someone. His father scolds him and tells that he is getting late for Sabha. The boy prays to God to open his father’s eyes. Mary makes Yeshu wear the clothes and thinks they didn’t know that God’s son is with them. Herod’s son thinks everyone will praise him and they will forget their ex-King. Shaitaan comes to the Herod II and asks him to kill …but he couldn’t take Yeshu’s name. He then comes out and asks God if he stopped him. He asks whom he will stop? Mary, Yeshu, Maria and others come to the Sabha. Maria tells that Guru ji’s wife came. She tells about his daughter. Guru ji comes there. Everyone bends their heads before him and throws flower petals on him. The villager takes off his slippers and keeps on his head. He then keeps it in his bag. Messenger hears him too. Guru ji tells that he is the messenger of the God and says everyone is lucky to be present here. He says he can now connect them to God. Yeshu gets troubled by him and tells Mary that he wants to go home.

Messenger tells that he will be known as Nazareth’s Yeshu. Guru ji says I will take everyone’s message to God and asks them to question him. A guy asks what to do to get God’s blessing. Guru ji says to get his blessing, you need to become competent first and obey me. He says God has sent me so that I can teach you all about the purpose of birth. Yeshu calls Guru ji and asks can I ask you a question. Mary says we shall go home if you want. Guru ji says let the boy question me? Yeshu goes near Guru ji and says whatever you was saying about God is not right. He says we don’t need to do anything to his blessings, he is connected to everyone of us and loves us all. Guru ji is shocked and says you are very small and don’t understand. Yeshu asks do you know that everyone’s body is like a temple and we don’t need to go anywhere to get his blessings. Messenger says today a new chapter will begin. The people of Nazareth asks who is this boy? They ask about his parents. Mary says nobody shall feel bad about Children saying. Guru ji asks her to take him home. Mary takes Yeshu from there. Shaitaan is there and thinks he will make the music play. He asks yeshu to get ready.

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Telecast Date:12th January 2021
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