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Yeshu 11th January 2021 Episode starts with Yeshu praying to God to send someone who can take good care of the plants. Shaitaan comes there and says so he is the God’s child, today I saw him. He says now the real game begins, between Shaitaan and God’s son Yeshu. Yeshu looks at him, but couldn’t see. Aashiya calls yeshu and says we have to pack our bags. Shaitaan thinks Jeevan’s death was his plan, knowing you will do something. He says he has made someone sit on the chair who will kill Yeshu. Chote Samrat sees Mantri/Minister going to Vaid ji. He asks why did you call me? Vaid ji says Samrat herod didn’t die naturally. He says we shall stop the Rajya abhishek of the new Samrat. Mantri says ok.

Maria comes to her room. Elder son tells that he don’t want to go. Maria says even I don’t want to go, but. Yeshu says home is built with the family members and asks Mary if he told wrong. Maria scolds him. Aashiya tells that she is happy to stay with her brother Yeshu. The Minister comes to the court and tells that Chote Samrat has killed his father to get this singhasan. He says we have to punish the guilty son of herod. Chote samrat is shocked.

Joseph, Mary and other leave Misr. The villager says it is good they are leaving from here. Yeshu picks a lamp while walking. Mukhiya ji is standing on his way and bends down his head seeing them leaving. Herod’s son tells that although there was difference of opinion between them but he never tried to kill him. The Minister calls Vaid there. Vaid tells that Herod died as his kidneys got damaged. Chote Samrat smiles and recalls threatening Vaid ji and injuring his hand. He then threatens him to kill his children. Fb ends. Vaid ji lies that Samrat died due to excessive drinking of wine and the fall out resulted in his death. Minister is shocked. Herod’s son says if you think that I am guilty then punish me. He says he wants to fulfill his father’s dreams. A guy says I accept you as my samrat. Others too give in and accept him as their samrat. Herod’s son tells that his Rajya abhishek shall happen today itself. He don’t want his people to wait to see him. They all agree.

Yakub asks Yeshu, how he can leave without him. He asks Mary to make Yeshu understand. He tells Aashiya that he works for Yeshu, plays with him and never leave him alone, but why is he leaving me. Yeshu says you will always be my dear friend. Yakub says I will come with you. Yeshu says if you come with me then what about your parents. Yakub’s parents come there and says they all will come with them. Yakub asks where are we going? Joseph says Nazareth, our old home. Yakub gets excited. Shaitaan laughs and thinks once new Samrat wears the crown, then he will listen to him and kill Yeshu.

Yeshu comes to Nazareth. He asks joseph if he can enter home. They say yes. Herod’s son comes to the singhasan and holds the weapon. He then wears his father’s crown. Everyone cheers for him. Mary kisses yeshu. Devdudh tells that real king of kings are here, in his mother’s lap and will be called as Yeshu.

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Telecast Date:11th January 2021
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