Yeh Teri Galiyan 6th January 2020 Written Episode Update


Yeh Teri Galiyan 6th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Yeh Teri Galiyan Written Update on

Yeh Teri Galiyan 6th January 2020 Episode Start With Shekhawat hits Shan. Shan says I will expose you. He hits Shekhawat back. They both punch each other. Krishi looks for Shan. She says to Asmita, I can’t find papa. Asmita says go and finish your homework. Asmita says what new drama is he doing now. Shan and Shekhawat are hitting each other. Shekhawat falls down. He laughs.

Shekhawat says the historic Ravan couldn’t touch Seta. I have touched her completely. Shan hits him. Shekhawat says there’s a mole on Asmita’s waist. You must have seen it. She is very hot. Shan hits him and says don’t even dare to take my Puchki’s name. I will kill you. Shan keeps hitting him. Asmita comes there. Asmita says are you out of your mind? This is his house. Do you have any shame? Asmita says Mr. Shekhawat come with me. Shan says listen he was.. Asmita says just shut up. Shan says I will kill him. Asmita takes Shekhawat with him.

Asmita brings first aid. Shekhawat says I don’t know why is Shan behaving this way. We didn’t stop him because of our manners. He still did this? How can he stoop so low? Asmita says he will leave in a few hours. Asmita applies medicine to his wounds. Shekhawat says thank you. He says in heart you will kick him out. Then I will make you mine forever.

Krishi says papa please calm down. If mama thinks you’re wrong our plan would fail. If you go away from here what would happen to me or mama? Please don’t be mad now. Shan says I won’t be. We have 36 hours. I will expose him and then we will all live together. Krishi says please take care of yourself. I want my papa fit and strong. She hugs him and says I love you.

Scene 2
Akira says why is Sarpal’s phone off. Shan says is everything okay? Akira says Sarpal’s phone is off. Shan sees Shekhawat going to a room. He asks her does anyone live in that room? Akira says no one goes there other than Shekhawat. Shan says why? She says it has some old office stuff.

Shan says Sarpal went to Calcutta to buy something for you. But due to fog, he couldn’t drive back. So I asked him to drive tomorrow morning. You should also go and take rest. It’s a special day for you tomorrow. She dials Sarpal’s number and Shan’s phone rings. He says my friend is calling. Shan comes to the other room and talks to her as Sarpal.

Shan comes to the basement room. Shekhawat is there. Shan says I will find out what suspense is this and what he does here every night. There’s a woman tied to the chair. Shan says he kidnapped a woman? Shekhawat caresses her face and moves the chair. Shan says how disgusting is he? He has kept a woman tied here? Who is she? If Asmita sees it she won’t ever forgive him. I have to show her this before the engagement.

Asmita is asleep in her room. Shan comes there. He says come with me I have to show you something. Asmita says are you out of your mind? Go from here. He says come with me, please. I will show his real face. He takes Asmita to the hall. Shan tries to look for the key. They come inside. Asmita says this room has his reality. You will know how disgusting is he. He comes downstairs. The entire room is full of Asmita’s photo with the kids. Shan says this is all a lie. There was a woman here. She was tied. Shekhawat has kidnapped her. Shekhawat says what are you two doing here? Shan grasps his collar and says where is that woman? Shekhawat says what woman?

Shan says the one you have kidnapped. Shan says I will kill you, tell me where is that poor woman. Mamo and Akira come there as well. Asmita says Shan leave him. I asked you to stay away from him. I gave you a warning. Shan says I saw a woman here myself. Asmita says there’s no one here. Just leave or I will call the police. Shekhawat says this is why I was keeping him from coming to this house. Stay here as a guest, you can’t part us. You left your wife and daughter alone. It’s over. You have lost. Shan says I will defeat you. I will take my Puchki and daughter from here. Asmita says go from here. Shan says you hid everything today. For how long? I will expose you one day. Asmita says I am sorry. Akira says I am sorry. Please tolerate him till engagement. Shekhawat says it’s okay. He says everyone go and rest. Shekhawat kisses Asmita’s photo and says you will never be able to tell her my secret Shan. I am far smarter than you.

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Telecast Date: 6th January 2020
Distributed By : Zee Tv and Zee5


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