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Yeh Teri Galiyan 31st January 2020 Episode Start With Chahat says you didn’t bring my mama. I hate you. I don’t want to talk to you. Shan says Krishi’s mama is also your mama. He gives her water. Chahat throws it and says I want my mama. She cries. Akira comes there and says Chahat, I will be your mother. She gives him a teddy bear and says your mama sent this bear. I met her last night in my dream. She asked me to give this toy to you. She can’t come here.

Because there are few stars in the sky. It would get dark if she comes here. You get scared in the dark right? Chahat says really? Akira says yes. Your mama told me this is your favorite toy. Akira hugs Chahat. Chahat says what else did mama say? Akira says let’s go to your room. I will tell you everything. Shan says thank you Akira. Akira says in heart, I know Shan. I have to own Chahat to make you mine. I love and want to make you mine. I am sure, once Krishi is okay Devika would leave and we four will live as a family.

Scene 2
Krishi says good morning mama. Would I get what I want? Devika says yes. Krishi says noodles. Devika says sure. Krishi says in heart mama is allowing noodles in the breakfast? Mama has changed. Devika makes noodles for her. Devika says microwave oven. Wow. Let me use it. She puts the steel pot in the microwave and says now I will listen to music while this machine works for me. She leaves. The microwave oven burns. Devika is dancing with headphones on. Krishi comes to the kitchen to drink water. The oven is burning. Krishi sees it. Krishi screams mama please see this. Mama please see what’s happening. Mama. Devika has headphones on and she’s dancing. Shan comes there. Krishi goes close to turn off the oven. Shan picks her and says Krishi. Nevi says what is happening. Shan asks her to take Nevi out. Shan says who put steel pot in the microwave? He sees Devika dancing.

Shan comes to Devika and pulls her earphones. She says what happened? Shan shoves her in the kitchen and says what is this? Devika says what? He says who puts steel in the microwave? Are you crazy? Shan throws it and says what if anything happened to my daughter? You don’t even have common sense. And who makes noodles in breakfast? Devika says Krishi asked. Shan says why did I bring you here. Shan says why are you behaving this way? She says I am poor. I have never used a microwave before. There’s a burn on your hand. Let me apply medicine on it. Shan says your face is only like Asmita. You can’t even act like her. Krishi is coming there. Shan says I am stuck that I have to get your life. You’re totally useless.

Krishi drops her glass in shock. Shan is shocked. Shan says I told you not to buy this substandard microwave. Devika says sorry. Krishi says papa, don’t be mad at mama. Anyone can make a mistake. Devika says see your papa is scolding me. Ask him to say sorry. Krishi says mama is right. You have to say sorry. Don’t look at her with anger. Say sorry. Shan says I won’t. Krishi says you have to. Devika says yes, you have to. Krishi says say sorry clearly. Hold your ears as well. Devika says let me make a video too. Shan says sorry. Devika says there was no feeling. Krishi says yes, it didn’t sound like sorry. Shan looks at her angrily. Krishi says what are you thinking? Shan says sorry. I made a mistake. He does up and down. Krishi says good. Shan leaves. Devika hugs Krishi. Shan is mad. Devika and Krishi laugh. Shan says how do I make this Devika responsible.

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Telecast Date: 31st January 2020
Distributed By : Zee Tv And Zee5


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