Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 17th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 17th Episode starts with Abir saying I m scared thinking of it, Kuhu and your terms had stress in the past. Mishti says she thought so for me, she has no idea that it will be difficult. He says its someone else’s idea. Kuhu cries and says no one is supporting me. Kunal says you are doing this for family, I m proud of you. She says Varsha, Abir and Mishti aren’t supporting me. He says Varsha is your mum, she doesn’t want this, Abir’s annoyance is fair, you called the adoption agency, you did wrong. Kuhu thinks I have to convince Abir and Mishti, else Meenakshi’s offer will become a threatening. Meenakshi comes and says Kunal is right, I have forced my decisions on Abir and he fought with me, he will think I pressurized you, he will fight again and leave house, then Kunal will also go, I m fed up now, end the matter here. She goes. Kuhu says I have a perfect idea to convince Abir and Mishti. Abir does shayari. Mishti smiles. She says see the place and romance, we are at the ngo. Jasmeet asks Varsha to talk to Abir, if Abir and Mishti refuse for surrogacy, then Kuhu has to forget it. Varsha thinks.

Abir says Kuhu isn’t thinking how this decision will affect her life. Varsha comes and asks what will you come, Kuhu came home with Kunal and told her decision. She asks why did you not stop her if you think its wrong. Mishti says we won’t let her do this. Abir says I m also your son, I promise, I won’t let Kuhu take this step. Varsha says you got more high in my sight today, maybe I have stooped in your sight, forgive me. Mishti says you have raised me, you didn’t regard me your daughter, don’t say sorry. She hugs Varsha and cries.

Abir asks her not to worry, he will save Kuhu and Kunal from Meenakshi. Varsha asks what will you tell Kuhu, she is stubborn. He says I always keep my promise, I will get a puppy, keep it with her for few days and then take it. Mishti says she will be hurt. He says yes, she will realize the attachment, she will get attached to the baby, she will understand it. Varsha says thanks a lot. Mishti asks her not to worry. Abir gets Kuhu’s message to meet at the temple. Mishti gets Kunal’s message to meet at the temple. Mishti asks are you going somewhere. Kunal says Kuhu and I are going to Dubai.

Abir asks what. Kuhu says just you have a right to leave the house. Kunal says if we can’t help you and Abir, then you have no right to help us. Abir and Mishti stop them and see each other. Abir asks what’s happening. Kuhu asks can’t you take our help. Kunal says you help us and doesn’t take our help. Kuhu says Mishti was leaving everyone so that Kunal marries me. Kunal says Abir left Mishti for my sake. Kuhu says you slapped Kunal when he was being unfair, why. Mishti says you are my sister. Kuhu says I m also your sister, I always did wrong with you, let me help. Abir says such a big sacrifice. Kuhu says you guys always gave sacrifices for me, Mishti would have done this for me. Mishti says we will get the baby after 9 months. Kuhu says baby will live with all of us with us.

Abir says he will call Mishti and me as mum and dad. Kunal says you taught me to call Parul as Maa, you can teach the baby to call us Kunal Papa and Kuhu Maa. Abir says no, its not fair. Kunal says everyone thinks you aren’t my own brother, but for me, you are my world. Abir says please. Kunal says we solved everything, if the baby isn’t lucky and strong then… I want coming Nanko to get his Dhruv tara, his Abir. Abir cries and hugs Kunal. Yeh rishte….plays… Mishti sees Kuhu. Kuhu says when baby is born, you sponsor a world tour for me, scores will be settled. Mishti asks what will Varsha think. Kuhu says what you think, you can handle everyone, let us handle this. Abir says Mishti…. Mishti says we are together and happy, I don’t want anything. Kuhu says let me help you, you won’t need to leave the house, please agree. Mishti asks are you sure. Kuhu says it means you are saying yes. She asks Abir to say yes. Abir and Mishti nod. Sang dil raat hai na….plays…. They all hug.

Kunal and Kuhu come home. Kuhu hugs Meenakshi and says Abir and Mishti agreed for surrogacy. Meenakshi asks really. Mishti says I m against surrogacy, but like Kuhu conveyed it, my heart melted. Abir says I didn’t know Nanko thinks so much for the coming generation. She says yes, but I saw a genuine change in Kuhu. He says I think this change is because of Meenakshi. Meenakshi asks Kunal to get sweets. Kunal goes. She says you passed in my test. Kuhu says thanks, will you keep your promise. Meenakshi says I will fulfill it, have patience, start the surrogacy process, I promise you will get it. After two weeks, Kunal greets everyone.

Meenakshi says Kunal, take care of Kuhu, I will manage the work, Mishti will take care of Kuhu well, just a sister can take care like this, I m going to temple to pray, I will pray that my children come back with happiness. Mishti looks on. She thanks Meenakshi. She says I will get Kuhu. Abir gets Kuhu. Mishti asks aren’t you afraid, you can back out even now. Kuhu says I m feeling afraid, not for pregnancy, because of Varsha. Mishti says Varsha knows it right. Kuhu signs no. She says I had no courage to tell her. Kunal says you didn’t tell her such a big thing. Abir says come on, you should have told your mum, I will go and tell her. Mishti says I will come along. Kunal says that’s not cool. Abir and Mishti go. Kuhu sees Meenakshi and says I was fed up convincing everyone, so I thought to do it later. Meenakshi says everyone knows my judgement, I got late in identifying a diamond, Kuhu is a blessing, stay happy.


Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 18th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajshri asks is everything fine. Jasmeet says Kuhu is in the clinic. Varsha says you promised me. Kuhu says Varsha didn’t call me. She messages Meenakshi. Mishti comes and picks her phone.

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Telecast Date:17th September 2020
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