Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 11th March 2020 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 11th March 2020 Written Episode , Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update on

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 11th March 2020 Episode Start With Mishti and Kuhu laughing. Meenakshi gets up and laughs. Everyone laughs. Meenakshi says I didn’t know they are so funny. Mishti hugs and thanks her. Vishwamber says Kuhu its wrong. Meenakshi says its okay, I will change and come. Kunal says I m sorry from Kuhu’s side. Mishti says hands up, how dare you say sorry from her side. Meenakshi says you should take rest now. Mishti says okay, but after sending him to jail. Shaurya says I will take him to jail, you go. Meenakshi goes. Mishti says if anyone says something to my sister…. Kuhu hugs Mishti. Abir says lets go from here, Mishti. Kuhu says he kidnapped my sister. Kunal says its fine, I will kidnap you.

Abir brings Mishti to room and says you called Maa as big ben. She says you gave that name to her, I was just obeying your command. He says I have to cure this madness. He takes her to washroom and splashes cold water on her. She jumps happily and says you look cute when you smile. He says you look very beautiful when you smile. She says aw, I knew it. He says I have won the challenge. She asks which challenge, I don’t know if you have applied the colour on my face. He says I did. She goes and gets under the shower. She asks him to close the tap. He says sorry, you have lost the challenge, you have to do as I say. Dheere dheere…..plays…. He holds her close and says kiss me…. this is the punishment. She says first catch me. She runs. He screams.

Nidhi and Jasmeet argue for the drink. Kuhu drinks it. Kaushal asks them to eat chillies. Kuhu says I will win this competition also. She eats chillies. Jasmeet says I want to win. Meenakshi recalls everything. She says thandai did the opposite, they had to fight, but got together, I won’t lose soon. She takes a bag to Kuhu’s room. Mishti says Abir, let me go. Abir asks how long will you run, you lost the challenge and troubled my mum also, fulfill the punishment, anyone will come. Meenakshi hides. Rajshri says Badi maa and runs… Abir runs after her. Meenakshi keeps the bag under table. She goes. Kuhu says stop it, I want water. Varsha asks Jasmeet and Nidhi to stop it now, have water. Parul asks Kuhu how are you feeling now. Kuhu says yes. Varsha asks Kuhu does she remember what she did. Nanu says Mishti said no one will drink thandai. Kuhu asks Kunal what did I do. Kunal says misbehavior with Maa and then me. Nidhi collides with Meenakshi and asks are you angry. Meenakshi says no, what happened. Nidhi says I ate chillies. Meenakshi asks her to go and drink honey, its kept in Kuhu’s room. Nidhi goes. Meenakshi says its good Nidhi has come on own, else I would have called you, the game isn’t over, girls….

Abir sees Mishti hiding. He says listen… She stops. He says I heard girls change after marriage. She says I heard guys change. He says you are running away from every punishment. She says I m right here. He gets red balloons. Nidhi takes some money. She gets the bag and says this will have some sweets for me. She checks the bag and is shocked. Abir leaves a balloon. Mishti gets it and bursts. They hear Nidhi shouting. Meenakshi asks what’s that, show me. She asks where did you get my medicines, this was added in Abir’s coffee. Mishti asks Nidhi where did she get it. Nidhi says I went to Kuhu’s room to get honey and got this bottle. Meenakshi says what, this can’t happen. Abir says maybe someone kept it in Kuhu’s room by mistake. Kunal asks Kuhu to answer. Kuhu asks what. Kunal says I have asked Parul the same. Meenkashi asks did you add the pill in Abir’s coffee. Parul says no, Kuhu didn’t do anything, she can’t do this with anyone.

Meenakshi says I want to know how did she get my medicine bottle. Parul says maybe I left it there, I was cleaning her room, I was with kitchen that day. Vishwamber and Shaurya defend Kuhu. Meenakshi says my son fell ill and… Abir says I m fine now, I couldn’t attend puja, but I don’t want to talk about it. Meenakshi says fine, what can I say. Kuhu cries and goes. Mishti goes after her. Abir says I don’t want to know about it, Jugnu throw the pills, none can blame my family. Kunal asks Varsha not to take tension, he will talk to Kuhu. Parul says no, I will talk to her, she is my Bahu. Abir says yes, she is my bro, we don’t believe Kuhu did this.

Kuhu says you did all this. Mishti asks what. Kuhu asks how did the pills bottle come here. Mishti says no. They argue. Kuhu says you aren’t mad, you are very smart, you knew I had added the pills in Abir’s coffee by mistake, you had no proof and wanted to insult me, just get out. Mishti says you aren’t bored to fight always, I try to have a fresh start always, you always blame me, do you care for anyone else, learn from Parul, she is your mother-in-law, she defended you, when you blamed her and got free. Kuhu says I can’t be happy when you are here, I want to be away, leave me alone. Abir hears everything.

Mishti comes out and sees him. She says Abir… He says I heard everything. They come to their room. She says I didn’t wish to tell you, since there will be many fights, Kunal will feel bad, I didn’t wish to hide anything, Kuhu is selfish, she doesn’t care for anyone, now I think I did wrong, I should have told everyone that she spiked your coffee. Abir says no, you won’t say anything, Kunal and Maa will react. Mishti says she should learn. Abir says she is kiddish, we can’t come on her standard, Kunal calls his mum as Maasi, if we blame him now, what will happen, we shouldn’t drag this matter, you have a habit to fight, I get it, but our family is at sensitive point. Mishti asks what did you say, I have a habit to fight. He says I didn’t mean that. She says you think that I couldn’t keep my parents together, how will I keep this family together, fine we will do what you find right. He says sorry. She goes.


Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 12th March 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Kuhu says I need to talk to you, bro, Mishti is your wife, why will I hurt you. Abir stands silent. Mishti looks on.

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Telecast Date: 11th March 2020
Distributed By : Star Plus And Hotstar


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