Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 7th May 2022 Written Episode Update


 Episode starts with Sudha saying you have to keep a fast, you can’t eat or drink anything. Diya says don’t worry, I didn’t eat anything. Madhu comes and says rangoli is just okay, its not light like the kheer. Sudha says I will fix it. Madhu says Diya will do it, its Diya’s test, not yours, no one will help her.

Armaan says your boss has mailed, he wants some details on mail, its imp come. Diya sits to send the mail. Bhavna comes with tea. She gives tea to Armaan and Diya. Madhu says Diya’s work is imp or puja fast, lets see. Bhavna asks Sudha to have tea. Diya gets a call and puts the tea cup. She says I m going to mail.

Armaan says you are fasting, why are you getting tired. Diya sees the tea cup and realizes her fast. She thanks Armaan for saving her fast from breaking. She says just 10 mins work then puja preparations. Armaan asks her to beware of Madhu’s spying. Krish is chatting on phone. Madhu looks on and says I have to make them right. Armaan romances Diya in their room. He says you look cute while working.

She says no romance, you said you will help me. He helps her with the puja list. He asks her to make prasad, he will get the items from the market. She says its not your responsibility. He says as you command. She says just pray that my fast doesn’t break. He says there is no chance, because its you. She says lets get to work. He says my fees first. She gives him a flying kiss.

Diya goes and checks the arrangements. She says dry fruits are ready, I have to make prasad. Armaan comes and eats fruits. He says I was going to keep fast, but I thought one of us should have energy. He hugs her. She says anyone will see. He says I have a license to romance. She says I have a fast.

He says I m super active today. She asks him to go out of the kitchen. Brij talks to Anju. She asks him to wear kurta for puja. She asks Palki why is she sitting, go and get ready. Palki asks them to go, she won’t come. Anju asks why, did anything happen there. Palki says Madhu judges people and taunts, you will meet her and understand. Brij gets a call. He says yes, we are leaving.

He says Diya had called, she asked us to come soon, we have to go, think well. Anju asks him to get sweets and fruits. He goes. Anju prays. She says I m worried. Palki says Armaan is with Diya, don’t worry. Anju says Bhavna is there to trouble, and now Madhu. Bhavna sees Diya cooking. She keeps the dhool pan there and goes.

Anju asks Palki to get ready fast. Palki thinks I don’t want to go. She gets Krish’s call. He asks her not to make him wait, when will she come, is everything fine. She says no, mum and dad don’t know anything. Krish says Diya will be disappointed if you don’t come, Madhu will think you were really wrong that day.

She agrees. He smiles and thinks nothing should go wrong today. Diya coughs by the smoke. Bhavna takes a glass of water to break Diya’s fast. Armaan comes to Diya and says I m with you, why are you coughing. Diya says there is smoke in the kitchen. Bhavna asks him to feed water to Diya. Armaan says have the water.

Diya says no, its okay. Sudha stops Armaan and says Diya is fasting. Armaan says she isn’t well. Diya says don’t know how the smoke filled in the kitchen. Sudha asks who has burnt the lobaan here. Bhavna says I have done this to end the negativity in the house. Sudha asks her not to do anything without asking her.

Bhavna says I did this for everyone’s good. They go. Madhu says forget the fast, Diya, you can’t do this, people will remind you the fast, everyone has some work. Diya says I will complete the fast with sincerity. Madhu says we shall see. Armaan hugs Diya.

Bhavna adds neem oil in the prasad. Madhu asks Diya to give prasad to everyone. Madhu meets Brij and Anju to taunt about their daughters.


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