Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 13th May 2022 Written Episode Update


Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 13th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 13th May 2022 Episode starts with Kajal asking is everything fine at home, I m your best friend. Diya scolds her and says you don’t know what is loyalty, you have cheated everyone till now. Kajal asks what nonsense,

are you in senses. Diya says Armaan told me, I didn’t believe him that you will cheat me. Kajal says don’t cross your limits. Diya says you have crossed your limits, you told I love you to Armaan. Kajal says you are mistaken. Diya says my misunderstanding is cleared, don’t dare to interfere in my life, stay away from Armaan.

Jaggi asks what’s this way to talk to your colleague. Diya says I request you to not talk in between, its my personal matter. He says Kajal did the work and saved your job. Kajal says its okay. Diya says you know what you are doing, its my last warning, see what I do if you talk to Armaan. Jaggi says so what,

Armaan is her ex husband, they looked perfect together, Armaan would have pitied you and married you, you have no beauty and no specialty, this is your insecurity, you think Armaan can leave you and go back to Kajal. Diya slaps him. He asks how dare you slap your senior, see what I do, I will snatch your job. Ruby worries and calls.

Palki eats the panipuri with Anju. Bhavna calls Anju. Anju asks how are you, is everything fine. Bhavna says tell me, did Diya come there. Anju says no, what happened. Bhavna says nothing, she left in anger, don’t know the matter, I was scared so I called you, I hope everything is fine, tell me if you find out anything. Anju says okay. Palki and Anju worry and call Diya.

Jaggi complains to the seniors about Diya. Kajal smiles. Anju talks to Diya and asks her how did she do this by risking her job, how can she slap, now they will make it a big matter, this job was your dream, you have done a lot to get this job, can you stay without this job, no, right, apologize to your boss, everyone will forget this soon.

Diya says no, he commented on my complexion. Anju asks will you lose the job. Diya says its not about complexion, let it be, you won’t understand. Palki asks Anju not to force Diya to bow down always. Armaan comes to the hotel. Ruby tells everything to him. He goes to talk to Diya. He smiles and sits to encourage her.

He asks her to not worry, and choose one of the two ways by following her heart, she should fight for her existence and self-esteem, tell the other person that he is wrong, live your life your way, I know Diya you fight on own, I want to tell you, choose any way, I m with you in every decision, I will always support you, I will be glad if you choose the second way, its tough, but I know Diya, you can do I, don’t bow down, hold head high and walk. Ruby says HR team is calling you. Diya goes.

The HR head scolds Diya. Diya asks what about the emotional torture Jaggi is doing on me. Jaggi says she is lying. She says you commented on my complexion and face on the first day, I was hired for the front desk and you shifted me to the kitchen, when I got a chance to get a promotion,

Jaggi gave it to others because of my looks. He says its all nonsense. She asks him to ask anyone, its about every girl who gets a right to make their life based on beauty and looks. He says its about the slap and she is diverting the topic. The man says you have slapped your senior, you can get removed. The HR head says we can give you another chance seeing your good track record, but you have to make a public apology to Jaggi. The man asks will you choose to apologize or get the termination.

Jaggi taunts her. Diya slaps Jaggi again. Everyone looks on. Armaan smiles. Diya says no apology or termination, only resignation. Diya shouts and says I reject this place of a small thinking, my self respect is more imp than this job. Jaggi says I will make sure that you don’t get a job in any other good hotel, you will sit at home. Diya says I will fulfil my dream, you will see that.

The HR head shouts you are fired, forget your final salary. Diya leaves. She goes to Armaan and smiles. Jaggi says stop Diya. He sees Armaan. Armaan holds Diya’s hand and takes her. Madhu and her friends play cards. They get a video. They see Diya’s video. The news reporters tell about Diya and her boss’ affair. They comment on such girls. Madhu doesn’t see the video. She says such bahus should sit at home. She gets shocked seeing Diya in the video.


Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 14th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Madhu scolds Armaan and Diya. She asks Diya to do household work. Armaan stops Madhu from commenting on Diya’s character.

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Telecast Date:13th May 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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