Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 12th May 2022 Written Episode Update


Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 12th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 12th May 2022 Episode starts with Armaan praising Diya. Madhu asks when will the breakfast come, I m feeling so hungry. Diya serves the breakfast. Krish says yummy, how did you make so many things together. Diya gives tea. She asks them to have breakfast, till then she will do office work.

Madhu feels pain. Diya says I will call a doctor. Bhavna says Madhu stays away from doctors, she likes herbal things, right. Madhu says yes. Diya says I will make lep for you and also do an oil massage. Bhavna smiles. Diya talks to Ruby. She asks her to hold. She says I will send you the mail now, its heavy files, upload is showing 30 mins, you will get the files in 30mins. She ends the call.

She thinks to make lep for Madhu. She calls Anju. Anju asks is everything fine there. Diya says yes, tell me recipe of knee pain relief lep, Madhu has much pain. Anju asks her to note down. She asks why was Madhu shouting. Diya says I have much work,I will call you in the evening. She starts making the lep.

Bhavna says I won’t let your work happen so easily. She goes to Diya and asks what are you doing, my eyes are burning. Diya taunts her. Bhavna says I will help you. Diya asks her to stay away and not create any hurdles. Bhavna says I will do this, you do the office work. Diya says don’t worry, I will manage. She goes and applies the lep to Madhu’s foot. She asks Madhu to keep the lep for 15 mins, then she will do an oil massage. She says I have put an alarm, I will just come. She goes.

Bhavna says Diya handles just office work, this lep can cause an allergy, I do care for you. Madhu says then you could have made the lep. Bhavna says I have to make an imp call. She goes. Madhu says don’t know what goes on in her mind. Bhavna sees Diya working. Madhu calls her. Diya goes. Bhavna goes inside the room. Diya does the oil massage. Madhu asks her to go if she wants. Diya says no, how are you feeling now. Madhu says its relieving.

Jaggi calls Diya and asks about the mail. Diya says I had an imp work at home. He scolds her and says you have just 30 mins, else mail me your resignation. Diya goes to check. She finds the upload stopped. She cries. Armaan comes there. She tells the problem.

She says I will lose my job, its my dream job. He says nothing will happen, we will make it again, together, calm down. Diya calls Ruby and asks her to send the research she had saved in her laptop and send the guest list. Madhu calls Diya. Armaan says I will make video call to Ruby, you go. Diya goes.

Ruby says I will get the guest details from PR dept, wait. Madhu asks Diya to make tea for her. Diya rushes. Ruby asks Kajal to talk to Diya’s husband. Kajal sees Armaan on video call. He asks her to send the guest details. She says don’t worry, do as I say, it will be done in 10 mins. Diya gets the tea for Madhu. Madhu says it has no sugar, go and add honey. Diya says sorry, I forgot to add honey.

Kajal says fate got us in front of each other again. He says I m doing this for Diya. She says you used to do this for me before, you didn’t change, you are still caring, even our bedroom is same, sorry, I mean your bedroom didn’t change. He says please focus, I want help for Diya’s work, I have no time. She says I also lost the time, I wish I had held it, I wish that time could come back.

He shouts stop it. She says I have sent you the details. He says its done, thanks. She says don’t be rude towards me, it was my mistake to lose you, I still miss you and I love you Armaan. Armaan gets upset. Diya looks on shocked.

Armaan scolds Kajal. He says you know I m married, I m happy, even then… He disconnects. Kajal cries. Diya gets angry. He sees Diya. He asks did you hear her, what was your so called best friend saying, she knows we are married, how dare she, what will she get. Diya says I have heard it.

He says you should not sympathize with her, you fought me for this woman, I told you she can never change, some people never learn loyalty, be it for love or friendship. Madhu drinks lots of water and scolds Ramkali for adding much chilli in the food. Ramkali says you wanted spicy food. Madhu says go and ask Diya what food to make.

Diya says its enough, I have to end this matter here. She leaves. He asks her to listen. Madhu asks Diya where is she going. Diya and Armaan leave. Bhavna asks what’s this new drama. Kajal gives the fashion event plant. Jaggi says I m really impressed, good job. Diya comes there to talk. She takes Kajal with her.


Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 13th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Diya scolds Kajal for saying I love you to Armaan. Jaggi asks so what if Kajal spoke to Armaan, Armaan would have pitied you and married you, else what do you have. Diya slaps him.

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Telecast Date:12th May 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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