Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update


Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update, Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update on

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 2nd December 2019 Episode Start With Dadi saying thank God you are fine, you have a heart of an angel so you jumped in illusion well to save Chotu’s life, I had made the circle to protect you both, how did illusion well come inside the house. Roshni says I went out of the circle and it broke. Dadi says it was made to save you from Raakh jinn, what’s more imp than life for a person, she wants to kill you so that she can reach Aman. Aman says it was my mistake, we had a fight, I made her out of the circle.

Raakh Jinn uses the magical shoes. Dadi asks who risks family’s life because of fights, remember this next time, you both aren’t an ordinary husband and wife, your mistakes and their consequences aren’t ordinary. Aman says sorry. Dadi goes. Roshni says thanks for not telling truth to Dadi. Aman asks why did you go to talk to Sameer at night. Roshni recalls Saima.

Roshni says he was threatening me that if I don’t meet him, he will tell everyone about the cheque. Aman says so you went for this matter, I told you, there should be no problem in Saima’s matter, if anyone saw you with Sameer, you know what would have happened, how much do you want, you can fill any amount after a month time. He goes. Roshni thinks of the blank cheque. Raakh jinn tries to reach the center point of the house by using the magical shoes. Raakh Jinn hides when Sara comes. Sara wakes up Roshni and says Saima… They run. Roshni gets shocked seeing Saima lying unconscious. She sees the pills box beside. Roshni asks Sara to get warm salt water fast. Roshni and Sara bring Saima to the room. Roshni asks her not to worry. Saima says blackmailer asked for 5 crores, I will die if Aman knows this. Roshni says your life is precious, don’t worry, I have arranged money. Sara asks how. Roshni says don’t worry, we have to keep money at the gate and get phone containing the video, the marriage will happen well. She hugs them.

Roshni, Sara and Saima hide. They see a man keeping a phone in the mailbox. He takes the cheque. Roshni says I will go and see. Roshni gets the phone. She burns the memory chip. Saima says thanks, but how did you get 5 crores, did you take it from Aman. Roshni says no, you both should smile now. They smile and hug her. Saima hugs her and says you are world’s best Bhabhi.

Saima says Aman should never do this. Roshni says he won’t know, sleep now, else you will get dark circles. Raakh Jinn sees Aman sleeping. She chants a spell. Roshni is on the way. Raakh Jinn says now this fire will take me to Aga. She hides from Roshni. Roshni sees Aman sleeping. Raakh Jinn follows the fire and says tell me how shall I free you Aga, red moon night is close. Roshni covers Aman with the quilt. She says you think I don’t deserve you, when Sara and Saima hugged me, I thought this is my family, I promise I will never let you down. Raakh jinn smiles seeing the Chirag. She goes to Tabeezi’s house. She gets back from the protection shield. Phupi asks what’s the function today. Dadi says its nikaah. Phupi says my Nikaah. Dadi laughs and hugs her. Roshni comes downstairs. Aman looks at her. Kahani hamari…plays…

She thinks don’t see like this, it will be hard to tolerate your hatred, I can accept that, but not Saima’s tears. Chotu asks why are you staring. Aman says no. Chotu says you were staring. Aman says shut up, come. Saima looks around. She comes downstairs. Everyone looks at her. Saima thinks did they know about the video.


Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Sameer’s sister insults Roshni. Aman says Roshni won’t be bahu of this house, I will make her out of this house right now. Roshni cries. Aman drops her out.


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