Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 10th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 29th August 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 10th October 2020 Aman asks Roshni who are these people and why she called them here. Roshni says for her swayamvar. Family is shocked hearing that. Roshni says every queen has a king, to rule black world she will select one of these evil jinns as king after swayamvar. Tabeezi says she is already married to Aman. Roshni says she broke her wedding. Aman asks if he wins her swayamvar, can he marry her again. Roshni says he cannot participate in swayamvar as his name is not in list of competitors. She shows list with 3 names. Aman says even his name is there and inscribes it with magic. Roshni says its cheating. Aman says everything is fair in love, war, and in black jinn’s world. Magician jinn says he is making a mistake. Roshni gives 3 bowls to 3 of her participates and says rules are written in them. Family warns Aman that he is taking a big risk as its difficult to fight against black jinn. Aman says he and Roshni are connected with soul already and he will at any cost win swayamvar.

Natasha in Rehaan’s body asks him what was written in potion card. Rehaan hesitates and while running clashes with midget jinn. Midget jinn mesmerized with Natasha’s beauty asks Rehaan to stop pestering Natasha and holds her hand. Rehaan in Natasha’s body holding his collar warns him to stay away from him. Midgets feels disheartened. After sometime, he tries to check what is in magical bowl when Aman with Rehaan and Natasha try to steal bowl from him. They plan to send Natasha to lure midget and get bowl from him. Natasha walks to midget and tries to lure him, but he asks her to leave. She angrily warns him to agree. He softens and walking with her to Roshni says he doesn’t want to participate in swayamvar as he got his queen. He throws bowl in air which Aman picks and says now he can participate in swayamvar. Natasha asks Rehaan what was written in potion card that he wants to find another way. Rehaan hesitantly says that if they hug each other, their souls will exchange again. Natasha asks thats all?

Drama continues. Roshni creates a piece of moon with magic and throwing it in sky says whoever brings it back will be her husband. Aman rushes out, and Rehaan gives a rope to pull moon back on earth. Magician creates 5 moons with magic and asks how will he find real moon. Lizard jinn creates bubbles in sky. Aman gets tensed. Armaan helps him and gets moon in Aman’s hand. Aman thanks Armaan.


Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 12th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Roshni turns Aman’s piece of moon into pumpkin and asks if he cannot differentiate between pumpkin and piece of moon. Aman says he brought piece of moon and she turned into pumpkin via magic.

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Telecast Date:29th August 2020
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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