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Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th June 2021 Arman brings a puppy for Anvi. Anvi gets very happy seeing that. Preesha reminisces informing Arman that his princess wants puppy. He says he hates animals. She says she has promised Anvi, Anvi has thalassemia problem and will be happy and active if she gets a puppy. He says he never thought in that way, he and Anvi are luky to have in their livs. She says she is lucky to have them instead and wants to keep Anvi happy as she couldn’t save Saransh, her motto of staying here is Anvi’s happiness. He says he will support her in this. She says that is why he should stop being adamant and bring a puppy. He asks how she convinces him easily. Out of flashback, Anvi thanks Arman. Arman asks her to thank Preesha instead. Anvi thanks Preesha. Preesha says she should take care of the puppy and even clean her potty like she takes care of her. Anvi says she will take care of puppy, but Prishman should clean the potty. Preesha agrees.

Devika’s friend Harman comes to meet her and says she is looking hot. Devika says their internship will end tomorrow, so they should party. Rudra hands over her a bill for breaking things in her room. She will pay it later as she still hasn’t checked out of hotel. He says she didn’t trust hotel staff and called him a thief, hence she needs to make payment right now. She says she will pay right now and will payback for his attitude before checking out. He shows her reception.

Vasu asks Preesha where was she for 6 months and how did she meet Arman. Preesha says fate brought her to him and explains how Arman saved her from jumping from cliff and brought her here, she met Anvi here in whom she saw Saransh, Anvi has medical issues and falls weak, so she thought she will help Anvi and thinks she got back Saransh. Chachaji tells Arman that he can understand Anvi and Preesha’s relationship and that he loves Preesha, so why don’t he marry Preesha as anyways she has already become Anvi’s mother. He says he loves Preesha, but she doesn’t love him; he cannot tell Anvi that Preesha is not her mother, so they act as married for Anvi’s sake. Vasu suggests Preesha to marry Arman. She doesn’t want to marry anyone now as she cannot bear one more heart break.

Devika parties with Harman. Harman mesmerized with her beauty spikes her drink and thinks of molesting her. Devika loses her control after having spiked drink. He takes Devika towards her room and tries to get intimate on the way. She shouts at him to stop. Rudra noticing that warns Harman to leave his guest. Harman shouts who is he to interfere. Rudra trashes him brutally. Harman asks why is he taking it personally. Rudra says one who cannot respect a woman doesn’t deserve any respect and kicks him out of there. He carries Devika to her room, makes her sleep on bed, and sleeps on a nearby chair. Devika wakes up in the morning and gets angry seeing him sleeping there. She throws pillow on him and shouts how dare she is to sleep in her room, she will sue him and his whole staff. He shouts if she knows what happened last night. She says he knows cheap people like him who try to misuse girls. He pins her to bed and says she was heavily inebriated and he would have got intimate with her, but he saved her from her cheap friend. She remembers the incident and says he saved her. He says she wrongly alleged staff yesterday and today she is doing same while he saved her from her cheap friend when she was heavily inebriated. She says she just had 1 drink which Harman gave her, felt dizzy and don’t know what happened after that. He says that means her friend spiked her drink to molest her, he is right that she cannot properly identify men.

Preesha walks into Anvi’s room and sees things shattered all over. Arman walks in and says puppy broke all things, that is why he doesn’t allow pets at home. Anvi says his name is toffee. Preesha asks Arman to leave and teaches Anvi how to handle Toffee. Devika calls Preesha. Preesha goes to next room and asks what is the issue. Devika says she easily identifies her problems and says this hotel’s manager’s name is RK who is very arrogant and she calls him khadoos kumar. Preesha asks what exactly happened. Devika describes her and Rudra’s fight and then how Rudra saved her from Harman and stayed overnight in her room to protect her. Preesha says her khadoos kumar is a good man and so she should apologize him. Devika agrees.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Devika apologizes Rudrfa and gives him a gift. Chachaji tells Arman that his horoscope says one who takes care of him truly loves him. Anvi insists Arman to take her to Devika. Arman says Devika is in Delhi, so she can take Preesha there. Preesha thinks she cannot go to Delhi as Rudra stays there.

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Telecast Date:9th June 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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