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Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th September 2021 Vasu confronts Rudra that she will end all her ties with Rudra and his family and curses him that he will bear only sorrows from hereon and Preesha will never show her face to him. She further says that Sania is fit for Rudra and orders Preesha that Rudra is out of her life forever. She drags Preesha from there. Sania praises Rudra and says he will get Saransh’s clue in the morning. Sharda says she needs to talk to Rudra. Sania walks away. At Thakur Mansion, Arman gets worried for Preesha. Preesha with Vasu walks in and runs to her room without speaking. Arman worried asks what happened. Vasu says let her speak to Preesha first. Arman tells Chachaji that Rudra must have done something wrong again. Sharda asks Rudra why did he tell Preesha that he defamed her father and doesn’t love her while he bailed out her father. Rudra says he doesn’t love Preesha. She says he is lying as his eyes reveal that he loves Preesha immensely, if Sania is making him do all this.

Preesha cries remembering Rudra accepting that he doesn’t love her and character assassinated her father to get rid off her and asks why did Rudra do this. Vasu says he wants to destroy her and reminds Rudra’s all wrongdoings and says Arman truly loves her and does so much for her happiness, she should choose Arman as he deserves her love and not Rudra, so she should go and tell Arman that she loves him and wants to marry him. Preesha says she knows what to do. Sharda tells Rudra that he cannot hurt Preesha and should reveal truth. Rudra nervously says he told truth. Sharda threatens that he will see her dead face if he doesn’t reveal truth. He stops her asking not to say that and accepts that Sania is blackmailing her.

Arman worried for Preesha tells Chachaji that he cannot see her pain. Preesha walks to Arman and says they should turn their drama of husband and wife into real and become Anvi’s real parents, will he marry her. He amazed asks if she is sure about it. She says she cannot live in lies anymore and wants to become Anvi’s real mother. He happily hugs her. Tumse hi bas tumse plays in the background. She doesn’t hugs him back though and closes her fists. Rudra reveals Sharda that Saransh is alive. Sharda gets happy hearing that. Rudra informs that Saransh is with Ahan and Sania is supporting Ahana; if he had informed Preesha, she would have directly confronted Ahana and Ahana would have harmed Saransh, so he wants to hide truth from Preesha till he finds Saransh. Sharda hugs him and asks why did he suffer alone so much, they will find Saransh soon. Chachaji gets happy hearing Preesha’s decision and says they will be happy forever, Preesha took a right decision and he is happy for them. Preesha thinks she tolerated Rudra hurting her, but cannot tolerate him hurting her parents. Chachaji congratulates Vasu and feeds sweets to all 3. Vasu says she will go now and inform this good news to GPS. Preesha says she will also accompany her. Chachaji says he will meet pandit and fix wedding muhurat.

Rudra insists Sania to give Saransh’s clue now. Sania gives him pen drive. Rudra sees Saransh’s captivated video pleading Rudra to save him. He cries that he will get him out, but nobody is informing his location. Sania says she feels bad for Saransh. He twists her arm and threatens to give him Saransh’s location. She says she doesn’t know as only Ahana knows. He asks to go and find out from Ahana. She asks how can she. He asks her to get out then as she is waste for him if cannot give him Saransh’s location and will send her to jail by filing Saransh’s kidnap case against her and will even di vorfce her. She gets afraid and thinks she needs to speak to Ahana.

Society people throw out GPS’ stuff. GPS pleads not to throw his stuff out. Preesha with Arman and Vasu. Society secretary shouts a womanizer cannot stay in their society. Arman confronts him and threatens a legal action. Secretary says he got got committee orders and challenges him. Arman takes Vasu and GPS to his house.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sania asks Ahana to reveal Saransh’s location or else Rudra will break their marriage. Ahana says she doesn’t care.Arman takes GPS and Vasu home and reveals he and Preesha are getting married. Rudra informs Sania that Preesha and Arman are not yet married, hence even their marriage is invalid. She asks what about Saransh. He says she will get Saransh to him. Sania meets someone saying their plan is about to fail.

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Telecast Date:6th September 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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