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Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th April 2021 Doctor starts Kabir’s treatment again and brings electric shock machine. Kabir nervously asks what will he do. Doctor says he will give electric shock to his legs to rejuvenate his muscles. He orders nurse to start treatment and asks Kabir if he is feeling something. Kabir says no. He then asks to increase electric shock. Kabir starts feeling unbearable pain. Sulochana hopes Kabir doesn’t move or else their plan will be ruined. Preesha prays god to end Kabir’s drama. Kabir stands up on feet writhing in pain. Sulochana thinks Kabir ruined their plan. Preesha thanks god. Kabir acts and tells Sulochana that he can walk. Sulochana acts emotional, thanks god, says she will pray god for getting him well, asks him to touch doctor’s feet, and thank Preesha for bringing him here and doing this magic. He does same. She thanks Preesha and hugs her, asks doctor if she can take Kabir to his room and let him rest. Doctor says why not. She makes Kabir sit on chair again and leaves saying they should inform Rudra about it. Preesha asks doctor she told him that Kabir was acting. Doctor agrees that Kabir was acting or else with just electric shock nobody gets well instantly. Preesha says he should inform Rudra that Kabir was acting. Doctor agrees.

Back to room, Kabir says he couldn’t bear pain and stood up, now all their problems ended and he can walk in front of everyone. Sulochana says it was Preesha’s plan to bring him here and give him hot and cold and electric shock treatment to make him stand up as she knew he can walk. He says she is right. She says even doctor is with Preesha, so she should go and handle him. She walks to doctor and says he knows that her son can walk, so he should take money and keep his mouth shut. Doctor warns what rubbish is this, he is a doctor and will not accept bribe, he will will inform Rudra about her plan. Sulochana threatens to defame him for torturing Kabir. He warns that he is not afraid of her threats as he earned his fame over years, he is Preesha’s father’s good friend and will inform Rudra about their drama for sure. Sulochana returns to Kabir and says doctor is too loyal and didn’t agree to hide their secret, he is Preesha’s father’s friend and will inform Rudra for sure. Kabir says Rudra will not believe doctor. She says Rudra will believe Preesha’s father’s friend and not them. He asks what if they get Rudra kidnapped. She asks who will help them in Chennai. He says is ex-boss CC/Chitranjan Chaturvedi will help him. He calls CC who warns to kill him if he finds him for his losses. Kabir says he will cover his losses and says he will give him 5 crores if he kidnaps Rudra. CC says he is a big creep to get his own brother kidnapped. Kabir says he will demand 10 crores to free Rudra and give him 5 crores. CC agrees for 6 crores. Kabir says Rudra is coming to Chennai and he will give flight details. Sulochana fumes that he is wasting 6 crores.

Sharda with Ahana reaches clinic. Ahana holding her jaw discusses about her tooth removal pain and asks receptionist Kabir’s room number. Sharda calls Rudra and informs that they reached Chennai and she will not inform Preesha that he is coming in the evening to give her a surprise later. They reach Kabir’s room, Sharda congratulates Kabir and Sulochana. Kabir tells Ahana that he can walk. She taunts that he must be feeling relaxed. Preesha asks Sharda why didn’t Kabir come. Sharda says he got some emergent work, so he didn’t come. Preesha thinks she asked him to come here taking first flight, but why didn’t he come. She goes to get snacks for Sharda and Ahana. Sharda thinks Preeshais sad and will be happy seeing Rudra in the evening.

Rudra reaches airport in his car when CC’s goons kidnap him. Sharda thiks why didn’t Rudra come yet and calls home to find out if he left. Maid informs that Kabir already left and he must have reached Chennai by now. Sharda calls airlines where receptionist informs her that Rudra didn’t board flight at all. She gets tensed thinking where did Rudra go. Preesha hears her.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th April 2021 5th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Mishka informs Ahana that police found Rudra’s car and doubt he is kidnapped. CC calls Preesha and informs that he kidnapped Rudra, demands 10 crores ransom and wants if she informs police, she will get Rudra’s deadbody.

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Telecast Date:5th April 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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