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Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th September 2020 Episode starts with Rudra thinking what’s happening to me, why am I not going away from her. Prisha does the aid. She thinks what’s happening to me. Yeh hai chahatein….plays.. they have an eyelock. Saransh comes and hugs him. He says all my friends know you have won. Prisha says we will go on long drive, we will party. Rudra asks don’t you have to go to hospital. She thinks I can’t tell you about suspension. She says I have few patients tomorrow, we can go, I will get haldi milk. She goes to kitchen. Sharda asks how is Rudra. Prisha says he is fine now, I came to make haldi milk for him. Ahana comes and says your friend’s husband got big cheated, its such a shocker, Mr. Gupta isn’t his son’s real dad, Mrs. Gupta ruined it all, she didn’t tell the truth to her son also, I m feeling so bad, I must say, truth always prevails, right Prisha. Ahana says I m worried for the son, all because of his mum, she ruined his life. Prisha drops the haldi milk.

Sharda asks what happened. Ahana asks are you okay. Prisha says it slipped from my hand. Ahana says its confirmed, you are hiding something. Ahana asks did you get disturbed hearing me. She smiles. Prisha looks at her. She goes. Ahana thinks I m finding your past secret, I will play the real game.

Gopal drives. Someone comes in front of the car. Gopal scolds the guy Girish. Girish says sorry, I came to city to earn money for my mum’s treatment, I didn’t get any job. Gopal says don’t worry, I will get you a job. Girish asks what. Gopal says you have to help my wife in household work. Girish thanks him. Gopal says come with me, call your mum, ask her not to worry. Girish calls and says yes Sir, I did the work.

Yuvraj says he shouldn’t know that I have sent you. Girish says my mum got very happy. Yuvraj recalls the slap. He gets angry. He says see what I do now. Rudra asks Saransh to eat fast like him. He challenges Saransh. Prisha says it means your wound is fine. Rudra says yes, you are a good doctor, you can be our family doctor. Saransh says she is your family. Sharda asks Prisha to take tiffin. Prisha says no, I will have food from canteen. Rudra asks why, you can have homemade food. She thinks how to tell that I got suspended. She gets Rahul’s message…. give me some info against Rudra, I will get your job back. She replies, never, my answer will never change, my family is everything for me. Rudra asks her to show the message. She says Neerja was messaging me. Saransh says its time for our class, come. Rudra and Saransh go upstairs.

Gopal gets Girish home. Vasu asks who is he. Girish greets her. Gopal tells everything. He says I got him with me to help, he will stay with us, he will help you. She asks Gopal to come with her. Girish thinks did Vasu doubt me. He calls Yuvraj. Yuvraj asks did you go mad to call me from there. Girish says I think old lady doubts me. Yuvraj says how will she doubt you, she will be strict and then trust you. Girish says no, I m scared, I will leave. Yuvraj asks do you want money or not, do as I say, don’t worry. Prisha passes time at a cafe. She asks are the books on sale. The man says its just for reading here, you can read it here. She says interesting idea, I will use your facility, thanks. She thinks Rudra won’t find her there, the cafe is small. Vasu asks how can you get anyone like that.

Gopal says Girish is much worried, his mum is ill. She says he would say he needs money for her treatment. He says exactly, its matter of few days. She says think again, you will regret later. He says come. They see Girish gone. She says he looked like a thief. She checks her purse. She says he took the money, Gopal never listens to me. Gopal says how can this happen, I made a mistake. Saransh says I did the homework, I m making a family tree. Rudra says I will solve it. He gets the photo album. Saransh asks who is he. Rudra says he is my elder brother, he loves you a lot. Saransh says not more than you. Rudra says he would have loved you, take the album and complete it. Saransh goes. Rudra says how to get pics, what to do. He sees an ad. He reads about Onam sale. He says now we will get family pics, Saransh and Prisha will get a special surprise.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Ahana says Prisha is lying, it will be fun. Yuvraj asks Girish to spike the sweets. Nurse says Prisha is suspended. Ahana says Rudra’s trust will shatter.

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Telecast Date:4th September 2020
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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