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Yeh Hai Chahatein 31st March 2021 Rudra gets romantic with Preesha. Preesha says Saransh will come. He says he will not come as his timing is not that bad, she is his wifey and he is her hubby and has right on her; if she is shying so much now, what will she do tomorrow; he will color her in his colors. She says she is already colored in is love, but doesn’t play holi. He says she should and says as maa said, they should try for a junior Rudra. She shies. He draws blanket over them. Saransh enters. Preesha gets out of bed hurriedly. Saransh asks Preesha why didn’t she bring him milk. Rudra asks him to gain energy and pray that Preesha gives him what he wants. Saransh asks Preesha to give what Rudra wants. Preesha says Rudra will get everything when time comes. Rudra insists her to play holi tomorrow.

Khurana’s holi celebration starts. Sulochana and Sharda wish happy holi to each other and talk about Rudra. Rudra enters with family. GPS and Vasu join. Rudra searches Preesha and seeing Sonia applies color to her cheeks wishing her happy holi and asks her to apply color to him. She does and wishes him. He leaves when Saransh comes. Sonia thinks she wanted only him to color her first, so she didn’t let anyone color him. Rudra gathers family and addresses that he is happy with his brother Kabir and ahana’s engagement and they are getting married soon, he couldn’t gift Kabir anything yesterday, so brought him a gift. Kabir asks what is the need for this. Rudra says he got his brother Rajiv in Kabir and feels like giving his whole wealth to him. Kabir gets happy seeing car keys. Rudra says he specially got the car designed for him so that he can go on a long drive with his wife. Ahana thanks Rudra. Rudra emotionally hugs Kabir. Sulochana shows her fake emotions and acts as crying emotionally. Preesha hopes Rudra finds out Sulochana and Kabir’s truth soon. She signals Misha and walks aside.

Preesha walks to kitchen and sending servants out mixes bhang in Kabir’s thandai thinking Kair will express his plan to Rudra and Rudra will kick him out of house. Sulochana enters and asks her what did she mix in it. Preesha gets nervous. Sulochana says she made special dry fruit mix for everyone and asks her to go out while she mixes mix and brings it for everyone. Preesha says she will stay here to help her. Sulochana insists and sends her away. After sometime, servant brings thandai glasses. Rudra dances with everyone on a Bollywood holi song. Preesha takes thandai tray from servant and serves it to whole family. Kabir also finishes his bhang mixed glass and looks at Mishka dancing. Mishka tells Preesha that nothing is happening to Kabir, will it take time. Preesha says may be. Sharda asks to play her favorite son Aaj Phir Jeene Kio Tamanna Hai and dances. Preesha gets nervous realizing Sharda drank bhang thandai instead of Kabir and someone exchanged glasses. Rudra asks Preesha what happened to maa. Mishka says she is intoxicated with bhang. Preesha nervously agrees that she mixed bhang in thandai. Rudra praises her for letting maa live her life fully.

Guests comment that Sharda is dancing shamelessly just after a few days of her husband’s death. Rudra confronts them and dances with Sharda. Sharda dances with him and gets severe headache. Ahana and Mishka take her in. Kabir tells Sulochana that Sharda aunty is a big drunkard than her. Sulochana says she drank bhang milk which someone wanted him to drink. He asks who. She reminisces seeing Preesha mixing bhang in thandai and hears her conversation hiding. Preesha blabbers that she will give bhang milk to Kabir and make him express his truth, then Rudra will kick him out and even Ahana will leave him. Sulochana plans to save Kabir and teach Preesha a lesson. She sends Preesha out, exchanges thandai glass and sends tray out via servant. Kabir says Preesha is more intelligent than he thought. Sulochana says not more than them and she failed her plan. Kabir says they need to be careful.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st April 2021 31st March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Preesha asks Mishka to lure Kabir and take him to her room to expose his true face. Mishka falls in water luring Kabir with her beauty and take him to her bathroom. Preesha takes family there. Ahana is shocked to see Kabir and Mishka together in bathroom.

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Telecast Date:31st March 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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