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Yeh Hai Chahatein 31st January 2020 Written Episode , Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update on

Yeh Hai Chahatein 31st January 2020 Episode Start With Rudra’s lawyer asking Yuvraj to give his verdict. Prisha’s lawyer says my client accepted her crime, I don’t want to say anything. Yuvraj smiles. Gopal and Vasu ask their lawyer to defend Prisha. Yuvraj asks them to please sit, the lawyers are here to talk. Prisha’s lawyer says Prisha regrets her doing a lot. Prisha thinks what’s happening, Yuvraj said the lawyer is talented and will fight the case well. Prisha’s lawyer says she will accept the verdict. Yuvraj says the court will give the verdict. Vasu says its wrong. Prisha thinks its happening wrong. Yuvraj says Prisha accepted her crime, Rajeev has died in a brutal way, his family is in pain, his accident has become merciless killing, the court punishes her with death sentence. Prisha, Vasu and Gopal get shocked. Vasu gets dizzy.

The lady says its wrong, I have to talk to Prisha’s parents. Rudraksh thinks Prisha will get hanged. Prisha thinks I have to talk to Yuvraj. She shouts and cries. She shouts to Gopal. Police takes her. Balraj says very good, you got Prisha a death sentence. Rudraksh thinks Prisha will die now. Gopal asks Vasu to get conscious. He sprinkles water on her. She gets up and asks where is Prisha, Yuvraj is a fraud, he cheated Prisha, where is he, I want to talk to him. Gopal says I know, I have to ask him a lot, come with me. They go to Yuvraj.

Gopal asks how did the accident become a murder. She scolds Yuvraj. He says what’s this truth and principles, you know Prisha can’t do this, she is your would be wife also. He slaps Yuvraj. Yuvraj shouts enough, I also want to ask you, where is Saransh. Gopal says he is with the neighbor. Yuvraj says he isn’t there, look at this, he is kidnapped. He shows the pic. He says someone kidnapped Saransh, read this, if I don’t convict Prisha, then they will kill Saransh. Gopal asks who did this. Yuvraj says I don’t know, I asked the lawyer not to argue so that I can give the verdict soon. Gopal says but… Yuvraj says its imp to save Saransh, I tracked the location, please go to Prisha and clear her misunderstanding. Vasu says who did this kidnapping.

Prisha cries and says you cheated me Yuvraj. Rudraksh comes and asks how are you feeling, Yuvraj gave you a death sentence, you will die now, you deserve this. Constable looks on. Rudraksh asks are there rats here, leave it on her, so that Prisha gets more pain, Rajeev will get peace, see this breaking news, the world knows your truth, you are a murderer, I will come to see you dying. He goes. She sits crying. She thinks of her family. She says I didn’t do this accident, I will tell everything. She shouts for help.

Ahana comes to Balraj. She says Prisha got what she deserved. He says you should have been there. She says there was a meeting of board of directors, I have handled it, I knew you won’t be able to go, I know handling business, my father is a businessman. He says thanks for helping me. She says don’t embarrass me, it was my duty, I have to be honest, I realized our business is suffering, Rajeev’s untimely death, you are shattered, I think someone should take Rajeev’s place. Gopal and Vasu come to meet Prisha. Prisha cries and says I didn’t know Yuvraj will do this, I trusted him and loved him a lot, he punished me instead saving me, he cheated me and all of us, he is responsible for this. Vasu says he is helpless to do this, because Saransh is kidnapped. Prisha asks what, Saransh is kidnapped, why, who did this. She cries and says who will save him, go and save him. Gopal says Yuvraj has gone to save him, he has given you a death sentence since he was threatened by the kidnapper. Vasu says yes, he has gone to save Saransh.

Balraj asks who can take Rajeev’s place. Ahana says I was a devoted wife to Rajeev, I will manage his work only if you allow, you made this empire with much hard work, I want to join the board of directors. He says I don’t mind, I will talk to my manager and get the papers ready, you will be on the board of directors panel. She says thanks for placing the trust in me, I promise, I m not going to let you down. She goes. She says I was waiting for this day, to get this ultimate power, my dad didn’t let Mishika and me run the business because we are girls, now Rajeev’s death will fulfill my dream, I will become the MD, the empire will be under my thumb. Prisha says just call and ask how is my son. Saransh comes to her. Yuvraj comes. Prisha cries. Yuvraj says Saransh is fine. Vasu thanks him. Gopal says Yuvraj, we can’t forget what you did for us. Prisha asks did anyone do anything. Saransh says no, Yuvraj has beaten the goons and saved me, he got much hurt.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd February 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Rudraksh says Rajeev was going to adopt a child, why didn’t he tell me. Prisha is brought to Rudraksh. He says you knew Saransh is Rajeev’s son, he made trust for Saransh, Saransh will get money every month until he turns 21. prisha thinks it means Yuvraj lied to me.

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Telecast Date: 31st January 2020
Distributed By : Star Plus And Hotstar


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