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Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th June 2022 Rudraksh enjoys ice cream with Roohi and says he wasn’t getting sleep, hence he thought of having ice cream. She asks reason. He remembers Preesha and says even he has an exam tomorrow and if he succeeds in it, he will get what he wants.

Roohi prays god that he gets what he wants. Rudra also prays for her. Next morning, Saransh and Roohi get ready for school. Saransh asks if she carried party dress as they will attend party after school. She says yes.

Sharda notices their bags heavy and asks what are they carrying. Saransh says he is carrying his dress for dance practice as he is participate in interschool dance competition. Roohi says she is carrying dress for her singing practice and says they both informed her already. Sharda gets confused. They both leave home happily.

Arman walks to Preesha’s room ready for the party and seeing her trying to Zip her dress helps her. She feels awkward and turns. He assures her that he will not cross his limits as he knows she is in trauma after what Rudra did it to her; says even without getting physical, he truly loves her and doesn’t feel bad.

Preesha thanks him and asks him not to come closer to her as he cannot tolerate it and doesn’t want to get violent and attack him. Pihu with her parents walks to Preesha wearing same dress and asks how is she looking.

Kanchan says they both are looking beautiful. Armaan informs them that he has bought a house in Delhi and they would be shifting there tomorrow. Pihu thanks him. Armaan says she should thank Preesha as she convinced him. Preesha thanks Armaan next. They all leave for the party.

Saransh and Roohi reach party venue hoping to meet Preesha there. Guard stops them and says they cannot enter without invitation cards. They both hide in a food trolley. Rudra reaches party venue next with Raj,

Vidyut, and Vaishali and asks Vidyut why he wanted to attend the party. Vidyut says he didn’t want to miss a party where the elite class would be present. He asks Raj why he wanted to attend the party. Vidyut says he brought him along to let him socialize. Rudra warns him not to do anything which will spoil his name.

Vaishali informs Rudra that its a mask themed party and leaves asking him to enjoy. PI disguised as Rudra offers him drinks and asks why did he come here instead of letting him gather Armaan’s information alone. Rudra says even he cannot take a chance and wants to spy on Armaan. Armaan enters with family.

Rudra watches them hiding, but doesn’t notice Preesha’s face due to the mask. Preesha walks in holding Armaan’s hand. Rudra thinks who is this girl. Armaan enjoys a couple dance with Preesha. Rudra tells PI that he feels the girl dancing with Armaan is Preesha. PI asks him not to make any mistake in a hurry and alert Armaan.

Preesha excuses herself and walks towards bathroom. Rudra follows her, hold her hand, and unmasks her to find Pihu instead. Pihu thinks what is Rudra doing here and its good that Preesha didn’t see him or else she would have got a panic attack.

She recalls a waiter dropping drinks on Preesha’s derss and she going to washroom to clean herself. Pihu then joins Armaan and dances with him. She then praises Armaan’s dance and says he should dance with Preesha. He asks her to call Preesha. She walks towards washroom.

Out of flashback, Pihu tongue lashes Rudra for misbehaving with her. Rudra apologizes and says he thought she is someone else as she was with Armaan. She reveals that Armaan is his cousin brother. Rudra apologizes her.

Armaan notices them and walks towards them. Rudra says finally he is in front of him and insists to speak. Armaan says he doesn’t want to speak to him. Rudra pins him to a wall. Pihu gets afraid and pleads Rudra to leave her brother. Armaan assures her that everything is fine and asks her to leave.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Armaan gets tensed thinking Rudra will notice Preesha. Rudra senses Preesha’s presence. Roohi notices Preesha and shows her to Saransh.

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Telecast Date:29th June 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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