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Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th July 2022 Preesha asks Armaan why didn’t he inform her that Roohi and Saransh are Rudra’s children. Armaan says he did the truth as she would be shocked to know that the children she loves most are the children of a man whom she hates most. Preesha asks what about their mother.

Armaan gets tensed and asks what about their mother. Preesha says he didn’t inform her that their mother went somewhere. Waiter serves her spiked water. Armaan thinks she will not question her now. Saransh takes Rudra to the room. Room complains of feeling weak and having severe headache.

Saransh asks him to rest as he is tired and gives him a headache pill. Sharda calls Saransh and asks where is he. He informs her that he and Rudra are at a Shimla resort trying to recreate past memories in front of Preesha to get her memory back. Sharda praises him and informs Roohi that her brother and father have patched up, they can return home now.

Preesha feels drowsy after having a spiked water. Armaan drops her to Rudra’s room and makes her sleep next to Rudra. He thinks Preesha will be shocked seeing Rudra next to him, he will come in the morning and create a drama. He unbuttons Rudra’s shirt and makes him sleep hugging Preesha.

Next morning, Pihu with her parents reach resort to surprise Preesha and Armaan. Armaan acts surprised. Pihu says she knocked Preesha’s room, but she didn’t pick the call. Armaan says let’s surprise her and acts as failing to open Preesha’s room door. He calls her room and says she is not responding. Kanchan says let us take master key and open the door. Armaan thinks his plan is working.

He tells receptionist that his wife is not responding. Receptionst opens room door with master key. Armaan doesn’t find Preesha there and asks if he saw his wife going out. Receptionst denies. Armaan with his family and hotel staff acts as searching for Preesha and smirks thinking its time to get Rudra out of Preesha’s life permanently.

Preesha wakes up and thinks she got such peaceful and deep sleep after a long time. She then is shocked to see Rudra sleeping next to her with shirt buttons open. She throws water on him and wakes him up. Rudra is also shocked to see her and asks how did she come to his room.

He swears he really doesn’t how she came into his room. Armaan enters with his family and acts shocked seeing Rudra sleeping with Preesha. He holds Rudra’s collar and shouts how dare he is to touch Preesha.

Rudra stops him and says Armaan knows who can do this heinous act, he really doesn’t know how Preesha came to his room and doesn’t remember what happened last night. Armaan says he must have spiked Preesha’s food, then got masterkey by bribing hotel staff, and brought Preesha to his room. He alleges Rudra of trying to forcefully get intimate with Preesha. Rudra warns him to dare not speak ill. Preesha thinks how did she come there. Rudra thinks he doesn’t have answer right now.

Sharda calls Saransh and asks howmany days will he and Rudra stay in Shimla. Saransh says for a few days. Sharda says she is planning to visit them with Roohi. Saransh says that is a good idea. He hears sounds from Rudra’s rooma and goes to check.

Rudra tells Preesha that he really doesn’t know how she came here, Armaan is giving her poison and manipulating her. Digvijay warns him to stop lying and asks why did he come here when they were vacationing. Rudra stands silent. Digvijay says he came behind Armaan and Preesha to trouble them, so he should stop lying.

Saransh says Rudra is not lying as Rudra felt drowsy after having coffee last night and he dropped Rudra to his room and made him sleep on the bed. Digvijay asks did he stay with Rudra whole night, Rudra can fool anyone. He says he would obviously support his father and asks why is he showing concern towards Preesha. Saransh says because Preesha is his mother, then says like a mother. Digvijay asks if he and Rudr3a came here following them.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Armaan accuses Rudra that he is using his children in his lies. Roohi says her papa is not. Rudra says he doesn’t know what happened last night. Roohi says she trusts him. Preesha files a police complaint against Rudra and gets him arrested.

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Telecast Date:29th July 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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