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Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th January 2021 Preesha insists inspector to let her meet her husband. Inspector asks to sign papers and cancel special restriction orders first and then she can meet her husband. She signs papers and rushing to unconscious Rudra asks why did he do that, asks which pills he consumed. Constable gives her pill bottle. She checks and says these are dangerous pills and she needs to take him to hospital and flush out pills from his body. Inspector says he arranged a nearby clinic. Preesha says he needs advanced facilities and takes him to operation theater. Rudra wakes up murmuring Preesha and asks her to forgive him. She says they can talk about it later as he needs treatment first. Inspector asks her why she brought Rudra to OT instead of emergency room. She says she needs to remove pills from his stomach by cutting it. Rudra resists. She tries to give him anesthesia. He stands up and says he is fine.

She says she knows as he consumed calcium tablets and not sleeping pills and as a doctor she found it out, reminiscing the incident. She asks him and inspector why did they do such a big drama. Rudra says there was no other way to call him. He reminisces the incident when inspector identifies him and says he is his big fan and freeing him thanks him for coming here as only criminals come here; asks how a big star came to a small jail. Rudra says his had to bring him here and explains that his wife misunderstood him and issued special legal restriction orders against him. Inspector says its misunderstanding and asks why didn’t his father bail him out. Constable says he had come, but Rudra sir said only Preesha should bail him out. He plans a suicide drama with inspector to call Preesha. Out of flashback, Preesha says he betrayed her again and is no more trustable. Inspector apologizes her. Preesha asks him to revive special legal orders. Inspector says he can’t once its canceled and she has to give a new application. She warns Rudra not to trouble her again or else she will file for restriction orders and send him to jail forever. She walks away.

Yuvraj meets Mahima and praises his criminal mind and asks what magic did she do on Rudra that she ruined Rudra’s life and separated him from Preesha. She says he shouldn’t bother about it. He continues praising her and asks what is her next plan. She says her next plan will destroy whole Khurana family.

Preesha returns home. GPS asks her about Rudra. She informs that he is fine and was just acting and describes whole incident. Yuvraj hears their conversation and thinks nalla Khurana Rudra is not leaving Chipali Preesha at all, he needs to do something and should call kavvi/crow Mahima. He calls Mahima and informs her about Rudra’s suicide drama and Preesha canceling orders but warning to revive them. She asks him to spread this news in media and call for a press meeting, she will use this opportunity in her favor. He says he is expert in it and asks his money share. She says she will transfer it and asks him to do the job first.

At Khurana house, Ahana waits for her designer outfit dress parcel and asks Mishka about it. Mishka stands shocked seeing Mahima wearing it and shows it to Ahana. Ahana shouts at Mahima for stealing her dress and Mahima warns her to mind her language as she is not Preesha to tolerate her nonsense. Balraj enters seeing their fight. Ahana complains him. Mahima says she wore Ahana’s dress to address media as they want to know why Rudra played a suicide drama. Sharda and Balraj asks why did he do that, he is in jail. She says he is out of jail and is resting in his room, she will face media and change the bad news in Khurana family’s favor. She tells Ahana that she didn’t have time to buy a new dress for press conference, so she wore her dress. Balraj backs her.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Preesha and her family see Mahima and Rudra’s TV interview where Rudra accepts Mahima as his present wife and spending rest of life with her.

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Telecast Date:28th January 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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