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Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th May 2022 Saransh notices Revati in his room and asks what is she searching in his study table. Revati hides the packet she was trying to keep in the drawer and says she needed pen to sign some important documents.

Saransh picks pen behind her and gives it to her. She thanks him and walks away silently. On the other side, Rudra finds his room door locked. Salon staff opens the door and informs him that they did Preesha’s makeup for the sangeet ritual. Rudra complements Preesha and says she is looking very beautiful.

He then gifts her a taweez to protect her from the evil eyes and sorrows and says he cannot lose her again. She asks him to fix it in her neck neck. He does and gets romantic when Sharda calls them for sangeet ritual.

They both walk down for the ritual. Sharda performs their nazar. Rudra asks about Saransh and Ruhi. They both walk to them and say they are doing something special for their sangeet.

Ruhi asks them to think. Rudra says what else than dance. Ruhi says they will enact as Rudra and Preesha and show if they will fight or love. Everyone clap for them. They enact exactly like Preesha and Rudra. Rudra and Preesha express their love for each other and walk on stage. They have a family hug.

Revati feels jealous seeing that and thinks even she had a happy family with 2 kids and a husband, but Preesha and Rudra ruined her family. She gets a call form someone and asks not to come so soon. She then keeps a packet in Saransh’s drawer and thinks now the real game will start.

Saransh announces GPS and Sharda’s performance. Revati joins them and dances with them. After the performance, she calls someone. Saransh announces Rudra and Preesha’s performance next. Rddra and Preesha dance on Teri Meri Galla Hogi Mashhoor.. song. Police walks in and stops their performance.

Rudra aks inspector if there is any problem. Inspector says they came here to raid his house as they got an information that there is drugs in his house. Rudra shocked says its a false information. Preesha asks who has drugs in their house. Inspector says Saransh Khurana. Rudra says his son can never do that. Saransh panics and says he never used drug in his life. Sharda says his children don’t do anything wrong.

Inspector says they have busted a drug racket at school and found a boy who took Saransh’s name. He calls Tarun. Preesha is shocked to see him and asks why is he wrongly alleging Saransh. Revati acts as supporting Khuranas.

Inspector says she knows the rules, they need to perform their duty. Rudra opposes search of his house. Revati says he cannot break the rules and says he need not worry if Sarnash is not wrong.

Sharda asks Revati if she cannot stop the raid as a police commissioner. Revati says there would be legal complications and convinces Rudra for the search. She then signals inspector to go ahead and thinks Preesha and Rudra’s wedding drama is over now, police will find drugs in Saransh’s room and then she will send him to jail and take revenge for Dev’s death.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ruhi asks Revati what is police searching in their house. Revati says a white colored powder. Ruhi finds powder packet in Sarnash’s room and collapses. Sardha notices it. GPS informs Preesha that Revati had organized this raid and he doubts her since the beginning.

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Telecast Date:26th May 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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