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Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th October 2020 Yuvraj walks to terrace and threatens Kirti that he and Preesha will expose her truth in front of everyone and nobody believe them, they will call mental health clinic’s manager as evidence. He continues. Kirti laughs and says she can shout better, he is mad and fool to think only he can find out about her past, even she found out about his past; she knows he killed Rudra’s brother Rajeev and Preesha took blame on herself and went to jail; Preesha’s father saved her, else she would have been hanged by now. She threatens that she can reopen his case and end his life. Yuvraj stands tensed. Kirti continues threatening him. He strangulates her and asks if she will end his plans. He gets out of flashback. In corridor, inspector insists Rudra to tell truth, else he knows how to get truth out of him. Ahana yells to behave with Rudra as he is famous rockstar and Kirti was his close friend, so why would he kill Kirti; he should question waiter again. Waiter says he is telling truth. Inspector asks if he will give evidence in court. He says yes. Ahana drags Preesha and yells that she is the reason for Kirti’s murder and in fact she was looking angrily at Kirti last night, so he should arrest Preesha instead. Preesha warns her to stop blaming her as she heard about Kirti’s murder from her and doesn’t really know what must have happened. Yuvraj peeps in and thinks poor Preesha gets trapped always. Ahan continues blaming Preesha.

Inspector warns her to stop and let police do their job. He asks manager if there is CCTV camera on terrace. Manager says there is no camera on terrace, but there are at entrance and they can find out who all went on terrace. Inspector asks constable to check CCTV footage and see who all went on terrace. Yuvraj thinks he will be caught, so he has to stop them from seeing CCTV footage. He rushes to CCTV room and sending guard out deletes CCTV footage. Manager walks towards CCTV room where guard says someone informed that manager is calling him, so he came out. Manage asks him to show him footage.

Ahana continues blaming Preesha and says murdering someone is not new to her as she murdered Rajeev. Preesha warns to mind her tongue as court pronounced her innocent. She reveals that Kirti was mentally insane and wanted to kill Khurana family for some reason, she was in mental health clinic since 10 years. Ahana yells to stop blaming innocent soul. Preesha says she has proof and they can go and check mental health clinic in Nadiad; she was worried for Rudra, so she found out Kirti’s truth. Everyone stand shocked.

Yuvraj deletes CCTV footage and silently returns to his room thinking he escaped. Constable knocks door and asks him to come down as inspector is calling him to question regarding Kirti’s murder. He walks to corridor nervously. Inspector checks CCTV footage and sees Rudra walking to terrace with Kirti last. He insists Rudra to accept that he murdered Kirti. Rudra says he doesn’t remember anything. Preesha tells inspector that he cannot blame Rudra as Kirti was mentally insane and must have committed suicide, they can accompany her to mental health clinic and check themselves. Balraj says she is right. They reach mental health clinic, and Preesha asks manager show Kirti’s case history. Manager asks who Kirti, there is no patient by this name.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Mishka thinks if police finds out that even she went on terrace last night, she will be arrested. CCTV room guard confronts Yuvraj for telling lie. Yuvraj says he doesn’t know him. Preesha asks if he killed Kirti.

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Telecast Date:24th October 2020
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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