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Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th March 2021 Sulochana’s puppet brings complementary snacks to Gajendra’s room and records his and Sharda’s video. Sharda forcefully asks Gajendra’s shirt after tea falls on it. Preesha thinks of going home early from hospital and ask Sharda why she needed 20 lakhs as she must be in trouble. Waiter gives video recording to Sulochana and Kabir who are shocked to see Sharda removing Gajendra’s shirt. Kabir says he didn’t know Sharda can stoop so low. Sulochana says they will show this video to Rudra and everyone. Kabir asks how will they. She says she will cook lunch and ask whole family to come home early. During lunch, Sulochana goes to her room in lieu of having medicine and sends Sharda’s video to Rudra.

Preesha asks Rudra to have lunch first and then check phone. Sulochana switches off her phone and rejoins family. Kabir tells Rudra it must be client’s important message. Rudra checks message and is shocked to see Sharda and Gajendra’s video. Preesha and Ahana ask what happened. Rudra shouts nothing and asks Sonai and Saransh to go to their rooms soon. Once they leave, he shows video to Preesha. Even Preesha stands shocked seeing it while Sulochana and Kabir smirk. Ahana stands shocked next and Sulochana acts and says she cannot believe Sharda is having an affair with a man just after Balraj left. Preesha says this video can be wrong as Maa cannot do this. Ahana backs her. Sulochana says video shows Sharda is having an affair. Preesha says video can be tampered. Rudra says sener has sent hotel’s address and asked to come and see it himself. Sulochana says they should go and check. Preesha says let us wait till maa returns.

Rudra insists and takes Preesha, Sulochana and Kabir to hotel. He asks receptionist about Sharda’s room. Receptionst says there is no room booked in Sharda’s name. Kabir suggests to knock each room door and check. Rudra says there must be many rooms here. Preesha says they should call maa. Sulochana says Sharda will not be caught red handed then. Preesha requests Rudra, but Rudra insists. Presha thinks he is doing it in anger and will feel guilty later. Rudra checks each room. Sulochana says he is wasting time as Sharda is in room 201 in second floor. Kabir suggests Rudra to check second floor. Rudra rings each room’s bell and finally reaches Sharda’s room. Gajendra opens room with shirt buttons open and stands shocked. Rudra asks where is Mrs. Sharda and forcefully walks. Sharda is shocked to see them. Rudra asks who is this man.

Sharda says she was about to inform them. Sulochana alleges repeatedly that she cannot believe that she is having an affair with a stranger in a closed room. Sharda tries to explain, but Sulochana continues. Sharda slaps her. Rudra shouts why did she slap maa. Sharda says she spoke wrong. Rudra asks then what is she doing with this man and who is this man. Sharda asks why should she explain him or anyone. Rudra says then maa was right. Sharda asks if he thinks so low about her and informs that he is her brother Gajendra and Rudra’s mama/uncle. Rudra asks why didn’t she inform them about him. Sharda says her family had disowned Gajendra as he is a drug addict, but now he wanted to go to rehab, she wanted to help him silently and not trouble family, but Rudra thought so low about her. Preesha consoles her and asks why didn’t she inform them and suffered alone. Sharda says Rudra is a rockstar and she didn’t want to put him into trouble because of her drug addict brother. Preesha asks if she took 20 lakhs to admit mamaji into rehab. Sharda reveals that someone found out this secret and blackmailed her. Rudra says that means she gave 20 lakhs to blackmailer.

Gajendra apologizes everyone and pleads not to trouble his sister because of him. Rudra says he should apologize him instead, Preesha told him many times think well before reacting but he didn’t always. Gajendra asks him to hug him. Rudra hugs him emotionally. Preesha tells Sharda that family is the biggest strength, she need not worry about mamaji as she will get her admitted in a rehab near her hospital. Sharda thanks her. Preesha asks Rudra to take everyone home while she gets mamaji admitted into rehab. Sulochana fumes that giraffe/Sharda slapped her and spoilt all her plan. Kabir says let us go from here. Preesha returns home in the evening and informs Sharda that she got mamaji admitted into rehab and will get his daily progress reports. Sharda thanks her. Preesha asks not to thank her and asks why did she suffer alone. Sharda says she was already tensed regarding Sulochana and Kabir, so she didn’t want to give ehr more tension. Preesha asks who must be the blackmailer who sent video.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th March 2021 24th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Preesha asks Sharda if someone else was in room who recorded their video. Sharda says a waiter. They catch waiter and question him who accepts that someone asked him to record video.

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Telecast Date:24th March 2021
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