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Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd July 2020 Episode starts with Gopal asking for Saransh. Prisha says kids aren’t allowed to come out during pandemic. He nods. Vasu asks him to rest. They go out. She asks did you get Saransh. Prisha says no. Rudraksh gets a message and says we have to leave, we may find Saransh, sorry, we have to leave. Prisha asks Vasu to take care. Vasu prays. Prisha asks where are we going. Rudraksh says I just got to know dad has made Atm withdrawal, we will go and get address of the ATM from the bank manager. She asks will the manager give it. He asks her not to be negative. Manager says sorry, we can’t give the ATM location. Rudraksh tries much. Manager says we need a written statement. Rudraksh goes.

Prisha says I wish to hack their system and find the address. He says we will do this. He asks Bunty to find the Atm address. He says Bunty’s hacker address will do it. Prisha says no use to go to ATM, dad isn’t there, how would be Saransh. He asks her to be positive, maybe mum called us home because dad has come. They come home. He asks did dad come. Sharda says no, he called you. Rudraksh asks inspector about Saransh. Mishka says he has come for you. Ahana says he has come to arrest you. Inspector asks him to come. Rudraksh asks who did the complaint. The girl Priyanka comes and says I did. He asks what. She says you tried to molest me. He gets shocked.

He says she has gone mad, I didn’t do anything. Inspector says court will decide, you have to come with us. Ahana says its lottery for Rudra, his image is finished, even dad isn’t here to help, what will we do. Prisha thinks why is this girl doing this, did anyone plan this. Yuvraj smiles and says it was my plan, your name and respect got stained, you will be going to jail now, thank God I saw that girl with Rudraksh. He recalls seeing Priyanka. He says Rudraksh is doing this to impress Prisha. He stops her and asks her to do as he tells, she will get money. FB ends. Yuvraj says that girl had to agree, Rudraksh would be arrested. Rudraksh argues with Priyanka. She says my name is Priyanka, you won’t identify me in front of police. He says she is lying. Prisha asks why would she lie, you are lying, you disrespected her. He asks what are you saying, you don’t believe me. She says you are such a man. She apologizes to Priyanka. She asks inspector to take Rudra away and punish him, if he can’t respect a girl, he should be punished. Sharda says he can’t do this. Prisha says I know him, he can do it. Ahana asks Mishka to go close to Rudraksh, go and save him. Mishka says I know Rudra, I trust him, he can never do this cheap thing, don’t you worry at all, I will get you bailed out, I will prove you are innocent. He says stop it, I won’t go, Prisha trust me. Prisha scolds him. She winks to Rudra.

She asks Priyanka to tell the truth. Priyanka thinks Prisha is such a fool, she is also framing him, I will agree to her. Prisha asks her why did she go. Priyanka says I m his big fan and wanted to meet him. Prisha says it means you went by his wish, he didn’t molest you, there is no hotel by this name, I told that to get your truth out. She asks inspector to take Priyanka away, she had lied to them. Nurse asks Vasu to pay the bill. Vasu says I don’t have money, Gopal mortgaged my jewellery, shall I call Prisha, or Yuvraj. Yuvraj says once Rudraksh comes out, I will make a video and then his respect will be finished. Vasu calls him. He jokes and laughs. He answers. She asks him to clear the hospital bill. He asks her not to worry, he will just come, he is busy now. She thanks him. He says Prisha is costly for me. Rudraksh says that’s very smart wifey, thanks. Prisha says you are welcome, hubby. She asks inspector to check the hotel footage, they were together, he can ask the waiter as well. Rudraksh says yes, Prisha forgot the room keys, I lifted her in my arms. Inspector says its proved that Priyanka is lying. Constable slaps Priyanka.

Priyanka says Rudraksh didn’t do anything, I lied for my greed, he was paying me 2 lakhs, I met him at the hospital, sorry, let me go. Rudraksh scolds her. Inspector asks him to file complaint against her. She apologizes and cries. Rudraksh signs Prisha. Prisha asks her why is she doing this, her family will be hurt to know this. Rudraksh says let her go, we have forgiven her. Priyanka goes. Prisha smiles seeing Rudraksh. Yuvraj says I will go and see there, what would I say, Vasu has sent me to see Prisha. He sees police taking Priyanka. He gets angry. He says its good I didn’t tell my name to her, I should leave from here. Rudraksh says you saved me. Prisha taunts him. He says if I m so bad, if my image is so bad, why did you show trust, how did you save me. She says strange, I saved you, you are questioning me, you are not so bad, you are not a big flirt. He smiles.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th July 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Balraj says I m just trying to help you. The man says you will get punished for your sins. Prisha looks on. Rudraksh calls Vasu. She says Prisha went to take Saransh, she is alone. He worries.

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Telecast Date:23rd July 2020
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