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Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd April 2022 Rudra takes car keys from servant and tries to leave home hurriedly with Preesha. Saransh stops him and asks how is Dev and why Revathi came here. Preesha asks him not to worry about anything and go to sleep. Rudra assures him that he will handle the issue and sends him away.

Preesha asks why did he lie to Saransh. Rudra says he can’t Saransh that Dev is dead and they hid his body in Revathi’s car. They both rush towards hospital. Revathi reaches Dev’s hospital room and finds him missing.

She questions nurse who searches for him and informs that she couldn’t find Dev but found his hospital clothes. Revathi calls Alia and asks if Dev came home. Alia says no. Revathi gets angry and thinks Dev is crossing all the limits.

Alia fears Dev must have gone to Sarfansh’s house, calls Saransh, and asks if Dev came to his house. Saransh recalls Dev falling from the terrace and shouts no. Alia asks what happened. He lies that he was playing game, says Dev didn’t come there, and disconnects call. He then calls Saransh and informs Rudra that Revathi found out that Dev is not at the hospital, he fears she will find out truth.

Rudra asks him to relax and don’t talk about Dev with anyone. He tells Preesha to keep Revathi busy in her talks while he takes Dev’s body out of Revathi’s car. Preesha agrees. Rudra notices police at the hospital and gets tensed. Preesha says they should inform truth to police. Rudra says police will find out the time of death via postmortem report and will arrest Saransh, so its better to hide Saransh’s body to protect Saransh.

Preesha walks into Dev’s hospital room. Revathi asks what is she doing here. Preesha says Aliya called Saransh and informed that Dev is not in the hospital, so she came to check. Revathi says Dev disappointed her with his lies, she called her police team to search him. Her husband asks her to calm down.

Inspector enters and informs that the search team has arrived to search for Saransh. Revathi excuses herself and gives Dev’s clothes to inspector. Rudra enters the hospital by breaking a back side wall and reaches Revathi’s car hiding from police

Preesha accompanies Revathi and asks why did she give Dev’s clothes to inspector. Sniffer dogs arrive. Revathi informs that they are trained dogs and will find Dev by sniffing his clothes. Rudra gets tensed seeing that and thinks what should he do now. Preesha also gets tensed. Revathi makes dogs sniff Dev’s clothes and frees them. Preesha hopes Rudra is not found near Dev’s body.

Dogs stop at Revathi’s car and then run again. They cross the broken back wall. Preesha thinks where is Rudra and why there is no blood on car’s bumper. She follows the team. Dogs stops at a meat chunk. Inspector informs Revathi that they got tempted by meat chunk and will not search for Dev now, so they should wait for some time and then restart. Revathi sends them away. Rudra walks to them and says he had come to the hospital and seeing them came here, asks if everything is alright.

Revathi feels dizzy. Her husband holds her. Preesha suggests her to go home and rest. Revathi says she is worried for her son and would be fine once she sees him, asks Preesha if she can understand her situation. Preesha nods yes and asks her to go home and rest. Revathi agrees and walks towards car. Rudra asks her to go home with her husband and let him drive her car home.

Husband says he will drive Revathi’s car away and let a constable driver his car home. Once they leave, Preesha asks Rudra where is Dev’s body and where is his waistcoat. He recalls cleaning the car’s bumper with his waistcoat, then buying meat chunks from a meat shop, and spreads them away from the car to divert dogs’ attention. Preesha says he took a right decision at the right time and asks where is his waistcoat.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rudra tells Preesha that Dev’s deadbody is under REvathi’s car and they need to get it out from there somehow. Revathi walks towards her car when her mobile falls down and she bends to pick it. Rudra gets tensed that.

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Telecast Date:23rd April 2022
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