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Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st July 2020 Episode starts with Prisha asking Appa how did this happen. Gopal says when I was coming home, something has hit me and then I don’t remember anything. She asks who got you here. The nurse says the people got me here, he didn’t had his phone or wallet, when he got conscious, he gave the residential number, he is fine, but he has to stay here for observation today, you can take him tomorrow. Prisha asks him to take rest. They go out. Yuvraj says I will see him. Prisha says he is sleeping. Vasu asks her to go home and find Saransh. Yuvraj says I will come with you. Prisha says no, stay with Amma, she may need your help. Yuvraj says yes, but you are alone. Rudraksh says she isn’t alone, I m with her. Yuvraj thinks I can’t upset Prisha, I have to convince her. He holds her hand and says you find Saransh, promise me, you will call me when you find him. Rudraksh asks her to come. Prisha asks Vasu to take care. Vasu says call me when you find Saransh. She prays. Rudraksh and Prisha come home. Sharda asks about Saransh, if he has filed complaint against his dad. Rudraksh says Balraj can kill Saransh to get saved, I couldn’t risk it, so I agreed to Prisha.

Someone hides Saransh in the bed trunk. Prisha wakes up and looks for her phone. She goes to wake up Rudraksh. She sees him praying for Saransh. Rudraksh says I m ready to do anything, I will leave one of my fav thing, but what, I don’t like food much, what can it be, I will leave my most fav thing, I will leave flirting with girls. Prisha smiles. He says I don’t know how will I live without flirting, I will stop it, just Saransh comes back. Sharda comes and gives him halwa. Rudraksh says I wanted it for Lord. Prisha says I was standing there. He asks did you hear anything. She says nothing. She thinks I have your secret saved with me. Vasu takes care of Gopal. Yuvraj comes and says I will fix everything. Gopal says why did you come, how dare you come, I told you I don’t want to see your face. Vasu says I have called him here, we broke the relation, but he kept the relation, he has managed everything, he is a nice guy. Yuvraj says its okay. He starts the drama and cries.

Yuvraj asks them to see the receipt of 5 lakhs. He says I got it written that they won’t file the case on Appa. Vasu says Lord has sent him. Gopal says 5 lakhs for me. Yuvraj says I would have sold my house, car and myself for your sake, I can’t tolerate anyone calling you a thief. He thinks I got the money from you and returning it to you now. Prisha says I had put the alarm, but the clock and phone were away. Sharda says I had it, Rudraksh got this to me, so that you sleep well. She says there is no phone call or message. Rudraksh asks did I do anything wrong. Prisha says no. Sharda says Saransh wanted you both to stay with love, he would have been happy to see this. Gopal thanks Yuvraj. Yuvraj asks him not to thank, when you called me your son. He says always trust me from now, bless me. Gopal turns away. Yuvraj asks Vasu to be with Gopal. He goes to get coffee. Vasu smiles. Yuvraj says I have done a good drama, I will call Prisha and ask about Saransh. Prisha answers his call. He asks about Saransh. He asks why isn’t there any news about him. She asks where are you, we will find him soon, how is Appa. He says he is fine, doctor said he will be discharged soon. She says thank God. He asks what thank God, did you find Saransh, I mean I m worried for him, did you get kidnapper’s ransom call. She says no.

He asks how is it possible, how did he get kidnapped, security is so tight, someone from the family is behind it. She thinks I have to stop him from knowing about Balraj. She says everyone loves Saransh. He says please trust me. He asks why are you shouting, Khurana family isn’t imp than Saransh, if I don’t get Saransh, I will file a complaint against Rudraksh and Khuranas. She asks did you go mad, you won’t do this. He disconnects the call. She worries and says I have to stop him, if he goes to the police, Balraj may know it, I will tell Rudraksh. She goes and bumps into Rudraksh. They argue. She says I had to talk something imp, Yuvraj called. He says I don’t want to talk about that cheap man. She says he is going to file a complaint against you and your family, he doubts that someone from the family has kidnapped Saransh.

She says I got Amma’s message, Appa wants to meet me. He says we will go to hospital first and then find Saransh. She asks can we hit the head again, we want good luck to find Saransh. He comes close to her and holds her hand. He hits her head with his head. Yeh hai chahatein…plays…. They reach the hospital. He says we have no time. A girl comes and hugs him. Rudraksh says its not good to hug. The girl proposes him. Rudraksh says Prisha is my wife, I m married, so thanks. The girl flirts with him. He asks her to maintain some distance. She asks him to kiss, lip to lip. Prisha looks on. He asks are you mad. She asks him to kiss on her hand. He says okay and holds her hand. Prisha recalls his promise. Prisha gets angry and thinks I will never believe him, he can never change. Rudraksh pours sanitizer and says you need this, not a kiss. Prisha thinks he really didn’t flirt.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd July 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Rudraksh asks about Saransh. Ahana says inspector has come to arrest you. Rudraksh asks who did the complaint. The girl says I did. Yuvraj says I will get Prisha.

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Telecast Date:21st July 2020
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