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Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st April 2021 Rudra takes inebriated Sonia to her room and asks if she is fine now. She says she is feeling better now and will be fine once she rests. He suggests not to drink too much next time and leaves. She enters room and is surprised to see Sulochana there who says she doesn’t look inebriated. She asks what does she mean. Sulochana says she should be an actor instead of singer as she knows how she repeatedly touched Rudra purposefully and tried to be near him. She pleads Sulochana not to inform anyone about it or else her dream of becoming a singer will shatter. Sulochana asks her not to worry as her her secret is safe with her and she will not inform anyone. She gets tensed thinking don’t know what Sulochana will do now. Sulochana thinks she will make her a puppet whenever she wants to.

Rudra shows farm house decoration to Saransh and asks how is it. He says its good. Preesha walks to him wearing a beautiful dress. He gets romantic and signals that he is faltered with her beauty. Main tera banjaoonga.. song plays in the background. He asks why is she so beautiful that he cannot concentrate on sangeet function now. She says he asked her to look more beautiful than everyone here. He picks her fallen eyelid hair and asks her to make a wish. She says already got what she wanted. He closes eyes and wishes. She asks what did he wish. He says baby Preesha and kisses her forehead. MAin Tera continues in the background. She gets a message and excuses saying she needs to go to kichen. He says Ilove you. She says I love you too and walks away. She meets model Alisha and thanks her for coming, then explains her plan of luring Kabir and taking him to a room to let her expose Kabir in front of Rudra. Alisha agrees.

Rudra hosts sangeet ceremony event and annoucnes Ahana and Kabir’s performance first. They both energetically dance on a Punjabi pop song. Sulochana thanks god to fulfill all her dreams, first Rudra brought her home, then Kabir stood up on his feet, and then she got a beautiful and talented bahu like Ahana. He says she will get happiness of whole world for her sufferings in the past. She thinks let him go to hell, she just needs 500 crores. Kabir thinks Ahana is very hot, she slapped him when he touched her last time, now he should make use of the opportunity. He pulls Ahana and dances holding her tightly. She warns him to behave. He says he is just acting to show their chemistry to everyone. Preesha bribes waiter to serve alcohol continuously to Kabir. Rudra walks to her next and gets romantic again. Ahana asks Kabir to move aside as song is over and goes aside.

Kabir starts drinking alcohol. Preesha thinks he is inebriated now, its the right time to expose him. She messages Alisha that Kabir is in bar and she should execute her plan. Saransh announces Preesha and Rudra’s dance. Preesha says she hasn’t prepared at al. Rudra says their chemistry is mind blowing, so let us dance. They both go on stage. Saransh thanks Preesha for doing so much for him. Preesha says every mother does same for her children. He says all mothers are not same and some are very cruel like Mahima. Preesha emotionally hugs him and says he need not worry as Mahima has gone far away. Rudra hugs them both saying when they are together, nobody can harm them. He then asks him to stop making his mother India more emotional. Saransh asks them to dance then. They both dance on Rangde Tu Mohe Gerua.. song. Rudra insists Preesha that they will go on honeymoon soon after Kabir and Ahana’s wedding. She says she doesn’t want to. He says she promised him. She says she promised to get him back no track. He insists. She agrees. He says I love you wifey. She says I love you too, then sees Alisha and signals her to execute her plan.

Alisha walks to Kabir and acts as clashing with him and apologizes. He holds her hand and says its alright. She requests waiter to give her a mobile charger. He says he doesn’t have and she can check with any family member. She asks Kabir if he can lend her a mobile charger. He says its in his bedroom and takes her towards his room. Preesha thinks she will wait for Alisha’s message.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd April 2021 21st April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Preesha brings cake for Ahana and Kabir and asks Rudra to call Kabir. He says he is not here. She says he may be in his room and walks towards it with Rudra and Ahana.

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Telecast Date:21st April 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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