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Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st May 2021 Rudra parties with his friends and Sonia. Yuvraj reaches there and wears mask fuming that Rudra has girls thronging around him while he doesn’t have any girl in his life at all. He clashes with Rudra, but Rudra doesn’t identify him due to mask. He then walks to Rudra’s friends and asks if they need Rudra’s concert’s free entry as he is Rudra’s manager. They give him their phone numbers. He says since they are his childhood friends, they must be knowing secrets about him and should tell if he had any one-night stand. Friends say Rudra was very innocent, he didn’t use to drink or be around girls at all, they used to call him invisible man. Yuvraj thinks adulthood monster was childhood’s saint, how will he find Rudra’s scandal and defame him.

Rudra gets heavily inebriated. Sonia stops him. He says he came here to. She says to forget pain inflicted by Preesha. He says she understands him better now and must be knowing how much he loves her and even she must be in pain without him, he loves her immensely and don’t know why she did that; the more he is trying to go away from him, the more he is getting closer to her. She asks him to stop. He says he wants to forget himself if not Preesha. She thinks she will not stop him as she wants him to be heavily inebriated and forget Preesha so that she can get closer to him. She takes heavily inebriated Rudra home driving his car and holding him takes him towards his room. Preesha noticing that asks what happened to him. Sonia says he is heavily inebriated. Preesha says let her help her husband. Rudra pushes Preesha shouting to not touch him and falls on Sonia. Sonia grins seeing that and taking him to his room makes him sleep on his bed, then thanks him for taking her instead of Preesha and says soon she will replace Preesha in his life at any cost and will become his wife.

Next morning, Rudra wakes up with a hangover holding his head due to headache and thinks he drank a lot yesterday. Preesha brings him lemon juice. He thanks her and holds glass, then remembering yesterday’s incident angrily asks what is she doing here. She says she came to clear his hangover and asks to drink juice. He shouts to go away from here and throws glass away. She asks what is he doing. He shouts she told she will not come near him, then what is she doing here. He walks on a broken glass piece and injures himself. Preesha forcefully removes glass piece from his leg. He asks not to show her fake concern. She says she is his wire and loves him. He says if she is his wife, why can’t she love his mother and brother and consider them as her family, and if she can’t, she should stay away from him. She rushes out hearing Saransh calling him.

Vasu visits Khuranas Saransh happily hugs her. Preesha gets happy seeing her and asks about GPS. Vasu says he has gone to Kochin for some work, so she came here to visit them and asks if she did right. Sulochana taunts her that she shamelessly came to enjoy at her daughter’s house while Punjabis don’t even have water at daughter’s house. Preesha warns her to mind her tongue and stop insulting her mother. Sulochana says she is describing the difference between Punjabis and South Indians, how shameless South Indians are to enjoy at daughter’s house. Preesha says her to stop her cheap thinking as they don’t differentiate between daughter and son, she should change her thinking that girls are outsiders and whatever she has belongs to her mom, whoever thinks like this are very shameless instead. Rudra hearing that shouts at her to dare not insult his mother. Preesha says his mother insulted her mother. Sulochana starts her drama and says she wasn’t insulting her mother and was just describing the difference between Punjabis and South Indians, she knows how it is when the child is not near her and cries remembering Kabir. Preesha asks her to stop her drama. Rudra shouts to stop insulting his mother and instead of consoling his mother, she is hurting her. Sulochana continues her drama. Sharda asks Sulochana to stop this issue right here and asks Preesha to act elder if elders cannot behave well. Sulochana cries what did she do. Rudra tells her that he considers Vasu also as her mother and touching Vasu’s feet welcomes her. Vasu says she came here on Sharda’s invitation.

Rudra gets Kabir and Ahana’s pics and informs that they are in Goa. Sulochana asks how does he know. He says he had hired a spy and will go to Goa right now. Sulochana insists to accompany him followed by others. Vasu says she will get special passes via GPS. Yuvraj says even he will accompany them to bring his wife back. Rudra calls his manager and asks to book Goa flight tickets. Manager says only evening flight tickets are available. He asks to book them. Sulochana asks if tickets are booked. He says evening flight tickets are booked, she should pack her bag. Sulochana yells if something happens to Ahana and Kabir, she will not spare Preesha. Vasu asks why is she getting angry when her son and Ahana have gone to Goa. Sulochana shouts she doesn’t know what Preesha did. Vasu warns her. Preesha takes her in. Sulochana complains Rudra that now even Preesha’s mother is insulting her. Sharda asks who started it. Sulochana says whoever started it, nobody should insult her. Sharda says Preesha ended the issue and asks Rudra not to say anything.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st May 2021Written Episode Update Precap :A boy visit Rudra and says he came to stay with him as he is his son.

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Telecast Date:1st May 2021
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