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Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st January 2021 Mahima informs family that she wants to organize a Christmas party for Saransh and seeks Balraj’s permission. Balraj permits. Mahima asks him to send his guest list. Saransh walks down crying. Balraj asks reason. Saransh says he failed in test for the first time. Sharda consoles him and scolds Mahima for letting Saransh play and fail in his exam, says until Preesha was in this house, everything was fine. Mahima apologizes and says she is right that too much love is not good. Rudra walks down and seeing Saransh crying asks what happened to him. Saransh says he failed in exam. Rudra says so what, final exam is still not yet over. Saransh says its not good. Rudra takes him to his room. Saransh says mamma will be sad knowing about it. Rudra says she will not scold him like last time when he got less marks. Saransh insists to call mamma there. Rudra calls Preesha and gives phone to Saransh. Preesha hearing Saransh crying asks reason. He says he failed in exam. She asks him to stop crying and top the exam after studying well. He insists her to come there right now. She says if he needs her there permanently, he has to wait for sometime. He insists to come there at least for some time. Rudra takes call and he cannot explain the kid and she should come for some time. Sharda brings juice for Saransh and hears Rudra’s conversation.

Mahima discusses party details with organizers. Ahana and Mishka blabber seeing that. Sharda acts as getting severe stomach ache. Family gathers. She insists to call her gynecologist Preesha. Balraj calls Preesha. Preesha enters and asks Sharda what happened to her. Sharda says she is having severe ache and swelling, so she needs internal checkup. Preesha sends everyone out and locking door asks Sharda where is it aching. Sharda says nowhere, she is Rudra and Preesha’s mother and can sense their drams, so she called Preesha to meet her son Saransh. Preesha thanks her and walking down tells Balraj that Sharda had uteral swelling duet to falling down from stairs and giving a prescription slip to Rudra asks to bring medicines soon. Saransh runs and hugs her. She asks why is he crying. He says he failed in exam. She asks if he didn’t study well and scolds Rudra for being so careless about Saransh. Saransh shouts to stop as she is the reason for Saransh’s loss, he coldn’t study because of her drama with Yuvraj. She continues shouting at home and takes Saransh away asking him to bring Sharda’s medicines. She takes Saransh to Rudra’s room and informs him that he need not worry as she was acting as fighting with Rudra. Saransh says he thought she was fighting really and walks to Sharda’s room.

Preesha then gets into bathroom and waits for Rudra. Rudra enters, and says they have to meet in bathroom like this. Rudra thanks her for coming. She says they should thank Sharda as she acted as having ache and called her here. He says maa acted really well. She says even he acted really well downstairs and scolds him for being with Mahima last night. Their nok jhok starts. He says he didn’t know what happened last night after having juice and Mahima was not there on bed. Preesha says Saransh had kicked her and made her fall, Saransh informed her. They both laugh. Mahima walks in calling Rudra and hearing 2 people’s voice from bathroom opens it. Rudra acting as bathing and embarrassed asks if she can’t knock first. She walks away apologizing, but then thinking she heard 2 people’s voice walks to Sharda’s room and finds Preesha there. Sharda asks if she needs something. Mahima says no and walks away confused. Preesha reminisces seeing Mahima’s shadow near bathroom door, going out via bathroom window and reaching Sharda’s bathroom.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Mahima orders Santa for her Christmas party. Preesha disguised as Santa reaches venue where Saransh identifies her and Rudra dances with her. Mahima gets suspicious and walks towards her.

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Telecast Date:1st January 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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