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Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st August 2022 Digvijay says Rudra cleverly turned situation in his favor and escaped going to jail again and asks Armaan to take Preesha from there. Roohi calls Preesha as mamma and says her papa doesn’t lie and asks her to trust her as her mother taught her to never lie

. Armaan asks Preesha not to fall in the trap again as Rudra is using his children to mislead her. He holds Preesha’s hand and forcefully takes her along. Back home, Rudra breaks down and drinks liquor. Roohi stops him.

Rudra sadly says however she tries to get back Preesha, Armaan fails his plans always; he doesn’t know what to do. Saransh suggests him to stop crying and plan how to revive Preesha’s memory and bring her back home. Roohi promises herself to bring Preesha back home for Rudra.

Next day, after school, Roohi lies to Saransh that she has extra class, so she will come home later. Saransh says she can keep the car, he will take a lift from his friend. Roohi thinks now she can execute her plan and gets into car. At college, Pihu returns Raj’s notes and offers him Preesha’s prepared laddus to thank him for his help.

She says he deserves this for helping her going against his family. Vidyut gets jealous watching them from a distance. Roohi stops driver midway and asks him to change the car tyre. Driver says car tyres are fine. Roohi orders him to do as she says.

He obeys her. She starts acting as crying seeing Pihu’s car and asks driver to just nod yes to whatever she says. Pihu stops car seeing Roohi and asks why she is crying. Roohi says she needs to pee and her car broke down. Pihu asks to visit her house. Roohi says Armaan will get angry. Pihu says she will handle Armaan and takes her along.

Roohi apologizes god for lying and thinks she will visit mamma often and try to revive her memory. Pihu takes her home and shows her washroom. Roohi looks for Preesha. Pihu reminds if she doesn’t want to go to washroom.

Roohi rushes to washroom. Preesha walks to Pihu and asks what she would like to have lunch. Roohi walks to her and apologizes her for coming there. Preesha says Roohi need not say sorry as she is angry on Roohi’s papa and not Roohi. Roohi asks if they are friends now and kisses her. She then asks Preesha if she is preparing dosa.

Preesha says yes. Pihu says SIL prepares best dosas. Roohi says world’s best dosas, she means if she is so good even her dosas would be good. She requests Preesha if she can have her prepared dosas. Preesha agrees and feeds her dosas. Roohi says she is having her prepared food after a long time. Preesha asks when. Roohi gets nervous.

Rudra returns home and asks if kids came back home. Sharda says Saransh came home, Roohi has special class. Raj with Vidyut returns home. Vidyut complains Rudra that Raj took gift from Pihu. Raj explains that he helped Pihu with notes and she gave him laddus in return.

Rudra says he did right. Raj offers him laddu. Rudra bites it and gets emotional realizing its Preesha’s made laddu. He takes whole box with him. Preesha asks Roohi when did she have her prepared food. Roohi says she means her mamma’s prepared food. Digvijay gets angry noticing them.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Roohi tricks and gives leave to Preesha’s gardener and asks Rudra to enact as Preesha’s gardener. He agrees and disguises himself as old gardener at a makeup studio. Pihu with Preesha reaches same studio.

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Telecast Date:1st August 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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