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Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th June 2021 Arman passionately dances with Preesha on Meri They then change partners with Arman and Devika, but then get back again. Once song ends, everyone clap for them. Preesha walks away from there. Rudra drags her to bathroom and pinning her to a wall warns to not shout or else it won’t be good for Arman’s reputation. He shouts at her to answer him. She asks after what he saw, he wants answer even then. He asks to accept that she forgot him and moved on with Arman, looking into his eyes.

She says she has moved on with Arman and is very happy into her new life, if he came here with Devika to meet her family and start at relationship with him. He says he came to confirm if Devika’s bhabi is Preesha and meet her, he heard her voice in Devika’s phone and then heard about her flower allergy and was curious to know if she is Devika’s bhabhi; he shouts how can he she move on so easily. She realizes that he came to meet her and doesn’t love Devika. He shouts she shamelessly forgot him.

She says she forgot him and the hatred which he filled in her by falsely alleging her that she killed her son, she didn’t want to live with his hatred and negativity and is happy in her new live; she has a daughter who reminds her of Saransh and a loving husband; if he had believed her about Sulochana and Kabir and not repeatedly verbally abused her, Saransh would have been alive now; he never thought about it as he is egoistic, this is the answer for his questions and now he doesn’t have any right to question her as he lost right on her and now her life is with only her husband and daughter and nobody else, especially him. She walks out of bathroom. He hits wall and shouts remembering her words.

Arman walks to Preesha and asks if she is fine, what is she doing outside gent’s bathroom. She says she hard that washbasin was not working, so she came to check. He says he will check. She gets tensed thinking he will find out that she was with Rudra, so she stops him and sends him to attend guests. She then locks door from outside and leaves. Rudra knocks door. Anvi hearing door knock opens it thinking someone is stuck. Rudra walks out. She asks who locked him inside. He says whoever did that will be punished for sure. She says he helped her that day and today she helped him. He carries her to party and plays with her. Devika gets happy seeing that and tells Preesha that RK looks so cute, he and Anvi’s developed a nice bonding after he saved Anvi, he will be a good father in the future. Preesha thinks Rudra is a nice father. Devika says she will express her feelings to RK. Preesha asks not to do that. Devika says she herself suggested her to speak her heart out and now is stopping her. Preesha thinks how to explain her that Rudra doesn’t love her and came here just find out about me. Devika asks again why she is stopping her. Preesha says she shouldn’t be in a hurry as theirs will be a long distance relationship and may not continue longer. Devika says she herself suggested her and now is stopping her.

Anvi then takes RK to family and says he is her handsome uncle. Arman says Anvi nicked RK right as handsome uncle. Rudra asks Anvi what he nicked her. She says beautiful doll. Arman says she is. Preesha says its time for Anvi to sleep and frees her hand from his hand. Anvi says she wants to sleep with both mamma and papa. Preesha and Rudra reminisce Saransh insisting similarly. Arman agrees. Preesha makes Anvi asleep. Rudra tells Devika that he wants to speak to her. Devika excitedly meets Preesha and informs that RK proposed her and said she came in his life so that he can reach her destiny Devika happily hugs Preesha and says she and RK want to be perfect couple like Preesha and Arman. Preesha thinks what is Rudra up to. Devika says its good that Preesha asked her to stay back in Delhi, she served RK’s mother who is severely ill and gained RK’s love. Preesha asks who is RK’s mother. She says Sharda. Preesha asks if she spent 8 lakhs on Sharda maa’s treatment. She nods yes. Preesha thinks Rudra doesn’t love Devika, so he has to get out of Devika’s life.

Vasu meets Rudra and asks how is he. He thanks her for remembering him and says Preesha doesn’t even remember him or her either and he saw her calling Mrs. Srinivasan. Vasu says Preesha is settling in her life after a long time. He asks what about her life. She asks him to promise her that he will not inform Arman and Devika about his and Preesha’s past.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Chachaji insists Arman to propose Preesha.Preesha asks Rudra why did he lie Devika that he has feelings for her. He says he didn’t lie and if she really has an art of guessing people, she should look into his eyes and find out what he is up to. Preesha gets jealous seeing Rudra romancing Devika. Arman proposes Preesha for marriage.

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Telecast Date:17th June 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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