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Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th September 2021 Preesha asks Sania how did she find out Ahana and Mishka. Sania says they are intelligent, but even she has a brain and goes into flashback where she reaches Ahana’s hotel and finds out that she already checked out. She thinks Ahana after grabbing all wealth would try to escape from India, so she waits for them outside airport and once they reach, she orders her goons to bring them to her. Goons kidnaps them and gets them into car.

Sania says surprise, how are they feeling in a van instead of a flight. Ahana and Mishka resist and yell at her in vain. Out of flashback, Sania says this is how she brought Ahana and Mishka here, they know anyways that Krishna is Saransh. Preesha asks if she already knew that Krishna is Saransh. Sania says yes. Rudra asks if she was blackmailing Ahana for same. Sania agrees and says she got Saransh’s surgery on Ahana’s order and goes into flashback again where she meets Ahana via a friend whose plastic surgery was done by her boyfriend and shows other women’s pics whom her boyfriend transformed. Ahana asks if her boyfriend can change Saransh’s face.

Sania says she will ask her boyfriend. Ahana says she need not worry about money. Out of flashback, Sania tells Rudra that Ahana gave her a big offer which she couldn’t resist and helped Ahana. Ahana says she gave her so much money, but she betrayed her. Sania says when Ahana betrayed her dear ones Rudra and Preesha, and Saransh, why should she spare Ahana and asks Preesha to punish them the way she wants.

Preesha slaps Mishka that she did a heinous act and asks how did she take Saransh away after bomb blast. Rudra shouts to reveal it if she wants to be alive. Misha reveals that she and Ahana planned everything and goes into flashback where she hides goons to arrange a her and Saransh’s body double, arrange passport and London tickets, and help her escape and thinks her plan is better than Kabir.

Goon arranges what she ordered and helps her escape after blast after exchanging dead bodies with her and Saransh. Out of flashback, Ahana says she forgot that if Saransh dies, all trust money will be seized. Arman records her confession. She says she knew she can prove Saransh is alive via his DNA, so she changed Saransh’s voice and face. Rudra asks what about Saransh’s videos. Ahana says she recorded them before and is not a fool to send him Krishna’s videos, but Rudra and Preesha are smart and identified Saransh. Rudra asks what did she do with Saransh that he doesn’t remember them. Ahana says she give him heavy medications to erase his memory.

Rudra shouts he wants to kill her for torturing his son, but is helpless. Preesha says he is helpless but not a mother and slaps Ahana repeatedly reminding her sins. Ahana reacts. Preesha shouts shut up and continues yelling at her. Ahana says she was ruthless as Saransh is nothing to her, but Saransh is Preesha’s adopted son and his own mother Mahima used Saransh, how can she forget her husband betrayed her. Preesha shouts not to compare herself to her.

Ahana says she will not as she is better than her, she made a mistake of sparing Saransh instead of killing him after getting his wealth. Preesha continuously slaps her. Arman stops her and asks Rudra to stop Preesha. Rudra supports Preesha. Police comes and arrests Ahana and Mishka and takes Sania along to give evidence. Preesha and Rudra hug each other.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Rudra tells Preesha that they should take care of Saransh and get back his memory. Arman gets angry on Sania that she ruined everything, says Preesha is still with him and he will not let her go. Sharda tells Preesha and Rudra to return home. Arman stops Preesha.

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Telecast Date:16th September 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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