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Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th May 2022 Revati looks at Preesha and Rudra’s family tree. Inspector gets her files with Rudra and Preesha’s family members’ details and asks what is her plan. Revati says its in her mind and she will never reveal it to anyone.

She looks at Vasu’s file and says Vasu didn’t speak to Preesha for 5 years as she thinks Preesha killed her son Venky, what if she recreates hatred between Vasu and Preesha again, she should use Vasu as her first pawn against Rudra and Preesha.

Preesha notices Rudra getting ready and asks him where is he going as they need to prepare for their rewedding. Rudra says not marriage, its just a drama. Preesha says he should act as happy in front of children. Rudra says he cannot stop hating Preesha and their relationship will end soon. Ruhi with Saransh walks in and asks them to accompany her. Preesha says not now. Ruhi asks if they fought again.

Rudra denies. Ruhi forcefully takes them down and says its their engagement tomorrow and they need to look their best, so she called designers to select their dresses. She then emotionally blackmails her parents to be happy. Rudra and Preesha act as super excited for their wedding.

Fashion designer discusses different color themes and designs with Preesha and Rudra which they deny and argue. Ruhi and Saransh act as crying to convince their parents to behave normally. They agree, but start their nok jhok again. Preesha says she will wear whatever Rudra selects. Rudra selects a shining shimmery gown for Preesha and a good dress for himself. Ruhi says he will look good, but mamma will look chamku. He says let her look chamku/shiny. Ruhi plans to stop Rudra’s tricks.

Revati notices Vasu shopping for vegetables, sends a goon to steal her purse, and then acts as saving the purse and getting hurt. Vasu asks if she is fine. Revati says she is and as a police commissioner its her duty to maintain law and order. She then says she has seen her somewhere and acts as recalling her as Preesha’s mother Vasudha Srinivasan.

Vasu asks how does she know her. Revati says she is Preesha’s friend and asks if she is attending Preesha’s engagement ceremony tomorrow. Vasu stands surprised. Revati reveals that Preesha and Rudra are getting married again. Vasu says she will to come there uninvited and leaves. Revati thinks her job is done.

Vasu visits Preesha and confronts her for not inviting her parents for her rewedding. Preesha explains that they are remarrying on Ruhi’s insistence. Vasu asks why didn’t she inform her. Preesha says there is nothing right between her and Rudra, so she didn’t inform Vasu. Vasu asks reason. Preesha reveals that Rajiv was murdered by Yuvraj and she did this truth till now, Rudra got angry on her when he heard about it.

Vasu says it’s a big issue. Preesha says it slipped from her mind as it happened long ago, but Rudra wants to break up with her after knowing about it. Vasu says Rudra cannot do this to her after her sacrifice and help for Rudra. Sharda walks to Vasu and says good she came, now she and GPS should stay at her house and attend Rudra and Preeshas’ all wedding functions.

Ruhi and Saransh plan a “love you to the moon and back” engagement theme for Rudra and Preesha’s engagement ceremony with a hanging moon. Revati acts as loving their idea and wishes them all the best.

They ask her not to reveal about their plan to their parents. Revati notices a servant fighting with the event organizer for money and thinks she got a pawn to execute her plan. Rudra gets ready for engagement. Ruhi praises that he is looking handsome. Revati asks the servant to loosen the bolts of the moon prop and make it look like an accident.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rudr and Preesha sit on a moon prop during their engagement ritual when its bolts loosen and they both fall down.

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Telecast Date:16th May 2022
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