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Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th July 2022 Sharda reaches police station with lawyer and tells inspector that Rudra got emotional seeing Preesha. Lawyer says they brought bail. Inspector asks how did they get bail at this time.

Sharda says judge Sanghvi knows Rudra well and knows he cannot anything wrong. Lawyer says its a question of Rudra’s reputation. Inspector accepts bail and releases Rudra. After reaching home, Sharda asks Rudra where is Preesha now and why did Armaan take Preesha along.

Rudra silently walks to his room. Vidyut blames Raj for the problem and says if Raj hadn’t supported Pihi against him, they woulldn’t have gone to police station and Rudra wouldn’t have been Preesha there.

Raj says he just wanted to support truth and didn’t know this all would happen. Sharda stands confused. Saransh hears their conversation and excitedly asks if Rudra met Preesha.

Rudra returns to his room and finds Roohi sitting there crying. He questions Roohi who informs that she saw Preesha. She describes all the incidents when she saw Preesha and followed her, but Preesha failed to recognize her and Saransh.

She finally says Armaan must have taken mamma away as mamma stays at Armaan uncle’s house, mamma is leaving Delhi. Rudra says he knows as he met her. Roohi says mamma gets a panic attack hearing Rudra’s name and it happened when she met Preesha at Armaan’s house.

She asks what happened to mamma when mamma loves him so much. Rudra says he doesn’t know what happened that Preesha hates him. Roohi says mamma cannot hate him, she forgot everything and even her children.

Rudra says how can Preesha forget everything. Roohi says mamma remembers their fight and doesn’t want to see his face, she doesn’t even remember her children and asked who her mother is. She pleads Rudra to do something and stops mamma as she cannot stay without mamma. Rudra premises to bring Preeshah back and says surely Arman is behind Preesha’s memory loss.

Saransh enters and asks if he promises to stop fighting with mamma and bring her back home. Rudra says he can fight the whole world for Preesha. Saransh says he wants to see that. Rudra says just like Preesha, he is incomplete without his children and wants his children’s support in bringing Preesha back.

Roohi and Saransh agree. Rudra says they all 3 will bring Preesha to her family. Saransh tells Rudra that he is supporting him because of Preesha and will forgive him for breaking his heart. Roohi assures Rudra that once mamma is back home, they will lead a happy family life. Sharda hears their conversation and asks if Preesha si returning.

She asks children why didn’t they inform her about Preesha even after meeting her many times. Roohi says she didn’t inform her because of Preeshas’ condition. Sharda asks what happened to Preesha. Rudra says he will explain.

Pihu feels guilty seeing Preesha’s condition and blames herself for taking Preesha to police station. Armaan says its okay as Preesha is back. Pihu says they missed Mumbai flight because of her. Digvijay enters and says he booked a morning flight for them. Preesha wakes up and recalls the police station incident.

Armaan asks her to relax as Rudra will not trouble her again, they will return to Mumbai and she will never see Rudra’s face again. She nods yes. He gives her memory erasing pills laced water and thinks she will completely forget Rudra.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rudra slaps Vidyut for his mistake and orders him to visit Pihu’s home with him and apologize Pihu. Roohi asks Rudra if he is going to meet mama. Digvijay suggests Armaan to leave the country with Preesha if he wants to protect Preesha from Rudra. Armaan agrees. Rudra with familyreaches Armaan’s house.

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Telecast Date:16th July 2022
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