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Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th May 2022 Revati points gun at Rakesh and arrests him in Dev’s murder case. Preesha tries to speak to her, but she walks away. After 3 days, Revathi visits Khuranas. Preesha feels sorry that Revati lost Dev and Rakesh got life imprisonment. Revati says Rakesh deserved more rigorous punishment as he killed her son,

she controlled herself with great difficulty or else she herself would have shot Rakesh. She apologizes Rudra and Preesha for troubling them. Rudra asks her not to think much and handle Alia as she must be in a big shock. Revati says she sent Alia to her parent’s house and is alone at her home. Preesha hugs her and says they are with her.

After sometime, Khuranas enjo a family lunch. Rudra asks Saransh about his hand injury. Saransh says he is absolutely fine now. Rudra says lets have a fight then and pampers him. Whole family joins him. Serial’s title track plays in the background.

Revati mourns looking at Dev’s photo and attempts suicide by slitting her wrist. Khuranas continue to enjoy their lunch when Rudra gets a call and rushes to the hospital to meet Revati. He asks doctor about Revati’s condition. Doctor says she is still unconscious after attempting to suicide, she had informed about them and since they couldn’t contact her family, they contacted him.

Revati gets conscious and cries seeing Preesha and Rudra. Preesha asks her why she took such an extreme step. Revati says she couldn’t bear the pain and felt very lonely in her house, Dev and Alia’s memories haunt her in her house, etc. Preesha says she will take Revati to her house and goes to finish discharge formalities.

Revati gets back to normal revealing she was acting and tries to remove her wrist bandage and IV line. Doctor stops her and says if she wants to make Preesha and Rudra realize her pain, she should let the bandage on her wrist or else Preesha will easily catch her lies. He says he is helping her as a friend,

but she needs to be very careful and know what she is doing. Revati says she knows what she is doing and everything is going as per her plan, Rudra and Preesha don’t know what she is going to do with them staying in their own house.

Preesha and Rudra take Revati to their house and ask her to call them if she needs anything. Revati says she became a burden on them. Rudra asks her not to say that. Preesha asks her to rest and leaves. Revati thinks she came here to destroy them for ruining her happy family, she was happy in her own world and didn’t want to know her family’s truth, Khuranas destroy her family and she will destroy theirs.

Sharda orders servant to bring cake from the best cake shop. Ruhi asks if there is someone’s birthday. Sharda says Rudra and Preesha’s wedding anniversary is on the way. Ruhi happily goes to inform her parents when she notices them sitting silent and asks if they fought again. They say no.

She asks then why are they not talking to each other. Rudra says they were thinking. Ruhi asks regarding their marriage anniversary. Rudra and Preesha at once ask their marriage anniversary. Ruhi says daadi informed her about it and says she will plan their remarriage on their wedding anniversary as she wasn’t present during their wedding. Rudra recalls tricking Preesha and marrying her.

Ruhi says she will enjoy her parent’s marriage this time and asks if they are ready for remarriage. Preesha says yes, Rudra says no. Rudra hesitates and says they can just cut the ake instead of remarriage. Ruhi walks away sadly. Preesha scolds Rudra for hurting Ruhi and asks when he says he can do anything for Ruhi, why can’t he fulfill her wish. Rudra says he cannot bear to be near Preesha and cannot lie more. Revathi hears their conversation.

Revati orders a big pre-anniversary cake. Kids get excited seeing the cake. Delivery boy says its a wedding anniversary cake from Rudra to Preesha. Rudra says he didn’t order this cake. Revati stops him and says its amazing. She takes Rudra and Preesha aside and says she ordered the cake as she heard Ruhi and their conversation and wants them to fulfill Ruhi’s wishes. She asks them to live their life to the fullest in present with their children as they don’t know what’s in the future.

Rudra agrees. Revati says let us give this good news to children then. Rudra walks back to family and tells Saransh and Ruhi that he and Preeshare are ready to remarry with all the functions. Ruhi says they didn’t listen to her earlier, so she is angry. Rudra says he already agreed to her wish. Ruhi excitedly hugs him. Revati thinks she will break Rudra and Preesha’s relationship and destroy their lives like they destroyed her life.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Revati gets Rudra and Preesha’s family details. She hires someone to ruin Rudra and Preesha’s engagement ceremony.

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Telecast Date:14th May 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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