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Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th January 2021 Mahima orders Yuvraj to kill Gautam if he needs 10 lakhs rs. Yuvraj says he is not a fool and came here to do only that. She says Gautam is in ICU. He says he is going there. She thinks she cannot trust him and should spy on him till he finishes his task. Yuvraj walks towards ICU and stops seeing constables guarding outside, thinks he has to kill Gautam anyways if he needs 10 lakhs rs. He acts as crying and worried for his brother inside ICU and tries to get into it, but constables stop him and ask his ID card. He thinks he will be caught if he gives ID card and lies that he forgot it in his car, but he wants to meet his brother Madhavan at room no 18. Constable says room no 18 is on the other side. He walks away acting and clashing with Mahima asks what is she doing here. She says she came to check if he can finish his task or not, looks like he can’t, so she will kill Gautam at night when guards are asleep. He reminds her to give his 10 lakhs after that.

Sharda tries to feed Saransh. Saransh insists to let him speak to mamma/Preesha. Sharda calls Preesha and asks how is she. Preesha says she is fine. Sharda says she is worried for her and more for Saransh who is not eating at all and is insisting to to speak to her. Preesha speaks to him and asks how is he. Saransh says he is missing her a lot. She asks if someone told him something, Mahima? He thinks how to tell her that Mahima tortured him, stammering says Mahima mamma.. Mahima enters and pampers him. He says he means Mahima takes good care of him and he forgets her when he is with Mahima mamma. She says that is good and disconnects call. Mahima asks Sharda to go and let her feed Saransh. Once Sharda leavs, Mahima threatens Saransh that if he informs anyone about his physical abuse, she will kill Rudra and Preesha, so he should keep his mouth shut and silently finish his food. Saransh afraid starts eating. She thinks she needs to return to hospital to kill Gautam.

Mahima reaches hospital and sits nearby seeing constables outside Gautam’s ICU room. She then sees a nurse coming out of ICU and follows her to nurses’ room. Nurse seeing her asks who is she, she should go out or else she will call guards. Mahima bribes her and explains her plan. Nurse gives her nurse dress. Mahima wears it and thinks she will easily kill Gautam now. Gautam gets conscious and asks nurse to call Preesha Khurana. Nurse says Preesha is in same hospital and goes to call Preesha. She informs Preesha that Gautam is conscious now and wants to meet her right now. Preesha asks her to take her to his room right now. Nurse takes her on stretcher. Mahima enters Gautam’s room and prepares an injection thinking it will induce him heart attack and he will die. Gautam noticing that holds her hand and pulls her mask down. She forcefully injects him and he starts getting heart attack. She yells that even god cannot escape from him, he is nothing. She strangulates him. Preesha reaches outside room on stretcher. Constables stop her. She says Gautam called her. Nurse nods yes. Constables open door. Mahima rushes out and falls on stretcher in a hurry and then rushes away. Preesha enters room and sees Gautam’s condition worsening. Gautam says maa.. Nurse goes to bring doctor. Gautam dies. Preesha thinks she cannot let Gautam die as he came to protect her. Nurse returns. Preesha asks her to bring defibrillator and gives him shock. Gautam revives. She thanks god and thinks of informing Rudra about it. Mahima gets into Yuvraj’s car and leaves. Yuvraj asks for his 10 lakhs and she transfers it. He thinks she is made to kill Gautam and give him 10 lakhs. She thinks he is mad to blindly trust her, this money is to make him her slave. She silently returns home and sleeps with Saransh. Preesha calls Rudra and informs him what happened. Rudra checks and says Mahima is sleeping. She says she is sure it was Mahima. He says they need to be more careful.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Preesha says they should play a game which Mahima cannot understand. Rudra says they will shift Gautam to a hotel where Mahima cannot reach. Mahima reaches hotel and tries to stab Gautam. Preesha reaches there and warns Mahima not to make this mistake as she has recording since Mahima entered hotel.

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Telecast Date:14th January 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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