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Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th January 2021 Gautam sees his cab burning and thinking it caught fire due to petrol leakage. He bangs windows and calls people for help. People gather and get him out of car. Yuvraj waiting for car to blast thinks if Gautam will also escape like Kavya, it can’t be. Car blasts. He gets happy thinking he will get 10 lakhs from Mahima and thinks let him call kavvi/crow/Mahima and seek money. He calls Mahima who is busy playing game with Rudra and Saransh and seeks money as he killed Gautam. She says he will get his money and disconnecting call rejoins Rudra and Saransh thinking Preesha and Rudra wanted to expose her truth, now they can’t prove anything. Sharda rushes in and informs that Vasu called and informed that Preesha’s condition is critical and they headed her to hospital, they were trying to contact Rudra in vain. Rudra gets tensed and checks his mobile off, then thinks he shouldn’t show his concern for Preesha in front of Mahima, so he says why should he worry for Preesha, let her husband Vanraj help her. Sharda says he can visit her at least. Saransh insists to take him to mamma. Mahima says she thinks they should visit Preesha in hospital. Saransh says let us go. Sharda stops him and says children cannot visit hospital. Mahima says he should stay at home and not trouble anyone. Rudra says he doesn’t want to go, but is accompanying her on her insistence.

Vasu and GPS rush Preesha to hospital. Doctor rush her into ICU. Rudra with Mahima rushes in and asks reception to check in which room Preesha Khurana is admitted. Mahima says Preesha Pillai. Gautam is brought in severely ill and unconscious and rushed to ICU. Receptionist says room no 105. Rudra with Mahima passes by Gautam without noticing him and walking into Preesha’s room asks what happened to her. GPS says when they returned home, they found her unconscious on floor. Doctor enters and says there were toxic fumes found in the parcel box which was found near Preesha, she must have smelled them and fell unconscious; luckily she is fine, but her nervous system was damaged a bit and he has started treatment for that. Once doctor leaves, Vasu gets worried thinking who must have sent that parcel. GPS sensing Rudra’s worries asks Mahima and Vasu to accompany him for coffee and requests Rudra to stay with Preesha for sometime, though he doesn’t like it. Rudra acts as agreeing and once they walk way, he holds Preesha’s hand and cries showing his love for her.

After sometime, Preesha wakes up and finds her parents, Rudra, and Mahima around her. Vasu asks how is she and GPS asks how did it happen. Preesha says she got a parcel and when she opened it, she fell unconscious. GPS says there were toxic fumes in it. Inspector enters and asks Preesha if she knows Gautam Shukla. She says she doesn’t know. He asks to think well as her number was last dialed from his mobile. She says she doesn’t know. Mahima thinks Preesha is also playing well, but cannot win over her. Inspector says Gautam met with a car accident and car burnt very badly. Preesha gets worried and prays god to protect him. Mahima asks if Gautam is fine. Inspector says he is saved and in the same hospital, he will investigate Gautam once he gets conscious. GPS says een he wants to file a police complaint as Preesha was sent a parcel with toxic fumes, if these both attacks are made by same person. Vasu says even she feels same. Inspector says he will investigate and will inform them once Gautam gets conscious. Preesha thanks god that Gautam is alive, he will inform truth to police and expose Mahima. Mahima thinks Gautam has to die if she has to be safe. She walks out and calls Yuvraj. Yuvraj asks if she needs his bank details to transfer 10 lakhs. She says he is not even worth 10 rs. He says he knew she would betray him like she betrayed her own sister. She informs that Gautam is alive and is in hospital. He asks how does she know. She says she had come to visit Preesha in hospital. He asks why is Preesha in hospital. She says she will tell him about it later and asks to visit hospital and kill Gautam. He yells that he has to handle both Rudra/Preesha, and Gautam now.

Rudra hugs Preesha emotionally. She says she is sure that Mahima did this all. He says he knows and they need to be careful. Yuvraj enters and asks Preesha if she is fine and asks why didn’t they inform her. Rudra asks her to stop shouting. Vasu, GPS, and Mahima walk in. Yuvraj asks why didn’t they inform him about Preesha. GPS asks if he would have called him or bring Preesha to hospital. Mahima says they should return home as Preesha is fine now. Nurse gives medicine prescription slip. Yuvraj takes it and walks away. Mahima walks behind him and orders to kill Gautam if he needs 10 lakhs.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Gautam wakes up and asks nurse to call Preesha. Nurse goes to bring Preesha. Mahima disguised as nurse injects Gautam and kills him. Preesha with nurse reaches outside room when Mahima falls on her wheelchair.

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Telecast Date:13th January 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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