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Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th January 2021 Preesha doesn’t find Gautam’s confession video in her mobile. Rudra says she even sent video to him and finds it missing even in his mobile. Preesha says akka must have done it and she is very dangerous. Rudra tells inspector that Mahima is very dangerous and can do anything. Inspector says he needs proof and cannot do anything without it. They both walk out of police station. Preesha says she knows its akka definitely. Rudra says they need Gautam here. Preesha says she will call him here. She calls Gautam who asks if there is any good news. She says Mahima got videos deleted from their mobiles. Gautam says Dhwani/Mahima is very dangerous. Preesha asks him to come to Delhi and give evidence against Mahima. He agrees to come in the evening. She informs Rudra who says he will accompany her to airport. She says she will alone go as Mahima will doubt them otherwise. After sometime, she gets a parcel from unknown person and when asked delivery boy says he doesn’t know. She opens box, smoke emerges out of it, and she falls unconscious. Delivery boy calls Mahima and informs that he delivered parcel to Preesha and she would have fallen unconscious by now. She asks him to escape from there soon and thinks its Gautam’s turn now, she will disappear him like Arjun.

Gautam gets out of airport and calls Preesha, but not getting her reply thinks of checking into a hotel and calling her later. Yuvraj sitting next to her in car says he will not do her work before she pays his earlier Ooty hotel bill. She says he is worried for 10000-20000 rs, but she will give him crores. She goes into flashback where she meets Yuvraj and says he is helping Rudra and Preesha via fake marriage for a small money, but she will give him crores if he helps her. He says she is hallucinating due to her mental illness and should get treatment. She says she saw Rudra in car the other day and Yuvraj disguised as Santa and if he doesn’t agree to help her, she can get him killed like many others. He says many came before her and god knows where they are know. She says she will get 50 lakhs every month from Saransh’s trust fund and will give him 10 lakhs every month if he helps her. He agrees and thinks let them fight like dogs and he will reap benefits from both sides. She calls him and asks to delete Gautam’s video from Preesha’s mobile. While Preesha is asleep, he deletes video and messages Mahima about it. Out of flashback, he asks her what to do next. She shows him Gautam getting cab and asks him to kill Gautam via car accident. He agrees. She gets out of car and thinks he is a fool to obey her blindly, he will be caught if police catches him and not her. Yuvraj blabbering follows Gautam and thinks he is making hatrick in performing car accidents, earlier Rajeev and then Neerja and now Gautam. He speeds up his car and rams Gautam’s cab from behind. Cab hits electric pole and catches fire. Yuvraj laughs seeing that and drives car away.

Rudra plays video game with Saransh. Saransh asks him to concentrate as he is losing. Rudra says Saransh is a champ and thinks she is feeling weird and hopes Preesha is fine and returned from airport with Gautam. He calls her and gets more tensed when she doesn’t pick call. Mahima walks in and insists to join them. Rudra says he is not in a mood. Mahima asks Saransh if he will play wit mamma or not. Saransh reminiscing Mahima torturing him agrees. She asks him to convince Rudra to join them and silently switches off Rudra’s mobile thinking she knows why Rudra looks sad, now he will not get Preesha’s call. Vasu with GPS returns home and panics seeing Preesha unconscious on floor. GPS calls Rudra, but his phone is switched off. They both rush Preesha to hospital. Gautam wakes up and panics seeing fire in cab, he tries to wake up drier and get out of cab.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :GPS and Vasu bring Preesha to hospital. Mahima and Rudra join them. Doctor informs that Preesha fells unconscious due to toxic fumes from a box. Inspector asks Preesha if she knows Gautam Shukla as her phone number was last dialed from his phone. She says she doesn’t know him. Inspector says he met with a bad car accident, but escaped.

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Telecast Date:12th January 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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